Feels so free going out and wearing no panties. The air brushing over my *****.

My panties get wet through the day with my juices and this keeps happening with no panties so I have to wipe myself often. Or if I meet a nice lady or guy, they love it when they find out xxxx
Amy2877 Amy2877
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I just bet they love it.


If you spot someone trying to get a better view, do you - give them a better view, smile and go about your business, pretend you didn't notice them looking?

Pretend I didn't notice them;) xxxx

God, how I wish you were my girlfriend! I would show you off to ALL of my friends, and I would love to watch you have sex with as many of them as you like, either one-by-one, or all at once! But after they'd all used you, had wild, animal sex with you, I would take you in my arms and make sweet love to you!

mmm. love to catch a glimpse of your sweet wet *****, xxx

I do have to agree about the air rushing up. I will often wear lace panties with a short skirt on when I am at home. I'll go outside on my deck for a smoke and that air hits my **** and I get almost an instant hard on!

It's a nice feeling isn't it:) xxx

Just thinking how funny. You like not to wear a bra or panties and your a woman. I like to wear them and I do often and I'm a guy. How backwards is that?

That is funny hehe:) xxx

Yes, it is backwards, but if us guys went out in a short skirt or dress with no underwear we would likely get in trouble. Bummer, but unfortunately that's the way society works. I often wear dresses and skirts, but haven't had the guts to skip the underwear, except when the dress or skirt is quite long.