All Night Long

I'm an insomniac. He is too....but he never texts me...i wait and wait...that he would...he told me once he knew I was an insomniac. It's so obvious from my eyes in the morning at college. He knows it. Still he never texts me. He texts my friend when he has to know something. Even if it's 2 a.m and he will know that it's not a good time to text her cuz she'd probably be sleeping. He knows I'll be up. Still won't text me. He needs some kinda help. Still won't text me. If she fails to help. Still won't text me. Ain't it obvious he likes her? ain't it??? I can't sleep. I just cannot. I think about how unfair it is for me. And how my own friend does not share all this stuff with me. I'm like the one sitting at a table alone and listening to stories two friends tell each other about their day at a table next to mine....listening helplessly....heart crushing inside, but a smile prevailing on my face, tears hidden for "a quarter after one". He knows it hurts me. Sometimes when I look pretty in college, he comes around, says hi and goes on his way. I wish those moments would freeze. But he doesn't really SAY's me who says it first cuz I'm getting uncomfortable cuz he's staring...but when he replies...he never smiles...he's cold. Just the eyes...just those dark brown eyes are soft, melting into my existence as he gives a long glance...telling me that he knows I exist....and that I look beautiful. That moment...that very short moment....lingers on to my mind all day...that brief a compliment. I know maybe I have the "his-type" factor in me. That very short moment....goes through my mind in slow motion all night....and I think about him all night long...All. Night. Long.
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Why don't you just tell him how you feel?