Streaked On A Dare

My wife and I were visiting NYC City with another couple (we were all in our fifties)for the Thanksgiving Parade 12 years ago. We were staying at a small hotel just of Times Square. Whie talking and havin a few drinks the subject of streaking came up and my wife confessed that she had streaked at her class reunion along with several classmates when streaking was popular in the 70's. They kept chiding her and telling her she was talking BS and she tried to just laugh it off. Our friend's wife dared her to streak from our room to theirs which was down a hallway and around the corner. the hotel wasn't very busy at that point, the biggest risk is if someone came out of their room or exited the elevator. The corridor was relatively short so we would't likely be caught. My wife agreed only if our friend's wife would streak to our room if my wife completed her streak.Figuring my wife was joking she agreed jokingly.. We went back to our room and aout ten minutes later my wife ******** down to a pair of white socks and told them she was going to streak and ready to answer the door when she knocked. I opened our door and checked the hallway and gave my wife the greenlight. She ran down the hallway to their room and knocked and was let in. There was my wife in nothing but he socks. Now was time for our friend todo her streak. She hesitated, took a double shot of crown royal and ******** naked. They dialed me up and I was ready to answer the door. She streaked to our room. We all returned to their room and he ladies suggested we ***** and we partied naked the rest of the evening.
jsears jsears
Apr 15, 2011