To Long Of A Wait

So tonight after what seemed like forever I went for a streak. I was kinda nervous at first cause it has been so long since I have been. Its been like a year or so since I have have been. Anyways I set off with just a pair of gym shorts and a sweatshirt. It wasn't to long before I lost he shorts and shirt and went completely nude. It felt soooo amazing to feel to wind and air between my legs again. Once I had gotten to a main road I had tried to flash some cars as they went by but I ended up chickening out each time. After some time I had decided to call it quits for the night and get back home. On my way back I decided to stay nude and run along the side of the road. On my way back two cars that were coming from behind me manage to catch up and get a good look of *** and the second my **** as I turned around to see what was there. This had felt both weird and awesome at the same time. One car did honk I think it was the second one. After this I had made it back to my house and wanting more. think I may try again the next time I get some alone time.
hug5penis hug5penis
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

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