First Time Streaking

The first time I went streaking I was incredibly nervous. It took some courage for me to actually go outside and then take off my cloths. Once I did though it was an experience unlike another. I was running around along a road that I used to live on in the middle of the road. It was all great until I saw my first car. This put me in a state of panic. I was completely nude in the middle of the road my mind was racing of what I should do. Eventually I just dove off to the side where I thought that he wouldn't be able to see me. Now thinking back on this there was no way that he didn't see me. This is because I was in the middle of a straight road and the car was only like 50 feet away from me with its high beams on. After this part of my time streaking I had decided to go back to my house and call it a night. This had begun a past time that I would continuously revisit for the next many years to come.
hug5penis hug5penis
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012