A Couple Of Different Short Stories

This one time when I went streaking I had planned to do one lap around my neighbor hood with out brining any cloths with me. This was a daring feat because it was only around 8 o'clock and people at my neighborhood tend to come home at this time. So I went out on my run and it's all going well until I have to pass this house with a lot of light pouring out onto the street. I was kinda nervous at first cause I thought that I heard some voices outside the house. Before I could make up my mind I hear a car coming up from behind me which forced me to do a full on sprint past the house and into some darkness where I wouldn't be seen. I thought that I was safe but I could hear people using my name and hear them laughing after they said it. This made me think that they had saw me and my penis flying through the wind to complete my journey.

This next story happened when I was just so incredibly horny. I had set out on a streak with no cloths and had the idea that I would do something incredibly risky. Once I had gotten to the main road I had thought up the idea that I would start to bust one off in the middle of the road. So I had got into position and went at it. The whole time if a car had come there would have been no place for me to go and they would have seen me completely nude jacking it. When I had finished it I just let it shot out into the middle of the road and I walked back home without incident. All in all I was surprised that at this time no cars passed me during the whole experience.

This last story is about a time when I ran by someone with out even noticing that they were there. When I had started I was new to the area and wanted to get a feel for everything. So I went out on a streak and about halfway through it I hear this guy yell "WHAT THE **** DUDE!" This was when I then realized that I ran right by someone while I was off thinking about some other stuff without noticing him at all. This was really embarrassing and degrading at the same time.
hug5penis hug5penis
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012