Nature Preserve

There's a nature preserve not far from me with various trails. There's a small, 1/2 mile paved loop that people can walk around as well as maintained but not paved, trails throughout the woods. I typically like to go out there early morning, when I can, go onto one of the trails, ***** and stash my clothes, then go for a walk.

The other day I actually did it in the afternoon. There were a number of cars in the parking lot but I was dying to get naked. I went onto the paved trail just as a family was coming out. I walked a ways and with no one around, I ******** down.

However, this morning I decided to do it differently. I got out there just at daylight, with no one else there, I parked my car at one end of the parking lot (backed up to a trail entrance just in case I needed to come around to get out), ********, left my clothes in the car, stashed my keys and went for a walk.

I was out there for almost an hour. Walking various trails, enjoying my nudity. When I was ready to go, I scoped out the parking lot to make sure no one else had arrived, and they hadn't. I walked to a covered bench area to sit down and lightly stroke myself. Not for ****** but just to enjoy the feeling of doing it outside.

Couple of minutes later and I hear a car coming around the corner. I quickly made my way behind a privacy fence that is around a port-a-potty and waited. The guy parked, took about 10 minutes changing his shoes, etc. and finally went off onto the trail. I thought it funny that he had no idea that a naked man was watching him. Shortly after he left, and I was sure he wasn't coming back, I stepped out and walked across the parking lot to my car. Retrieved my keys, got my clothes out and slowly got dressed.

Really enjoyed it knowing I had no clothes anywhere except back at my car. Better than stashing them if you have the option.
nakedfun76 nakedfun76
36-40, M
Jan 6, 2013