Why Do I Streak?

Why do I streak? Well, I guess it started when I was about 18, my boyfriend of the time took me to a lovely beach in Cornwall and persuaded me to take off by bikini and wear nothing but a T shirt to go swimming in the sea. I did and well, the cold water didn't affect him too much if you know what I mean! Anyway, that wasn't the best bit, walking back up the beach in nothing but a soaked through T shirt was wonderful. Naked but not quite if you know what I mean. I ******** it off back at our gear on the rocks and just dried myself without rushing. That was the best bit. Just being naked on the beach in the sun and feeling the breeze on my whole body.

Since then, I ***** as much and as often as I can. I am single at the moment and am able to make the most of my time.

Last night, I stopped in a small village on my way home from work. It was about 2 in the morning and I ******** and just wandered up the high street! It was cold but really exhilerrating!


That's my story in a nutshell!

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We only get to experience this life in these bodies once, so I say 'Why not go streaking to celebrate an event such as a birthday, new year, or other important milestone?!' The fact you are naked and feeling every inch of your body does more to stimulate the brain and makes the memory stronger, more instense! It is a shame there are not more place in so-called 'developed' societies where people can go naked! - We used to have public bathhouses with separate facilities for men and women, and although this is less than ideal it is still something close to simple public nudity. I enjoy nudity very much and am nude as I write this in my living room, early morning before getting ready to work a few hours. I feel great and know others can experience this also, if they would only try it and accept the feelings they have as normal! - Keep writing and keep sharing the experiences of life wherever you are!

Thanks for the comments guy!I will be working the late shift again in a couple of weeks and if it's not too cold I will be getting naked again somewhere on the way home. There is a small copse of woods not far off my route home. Might try that I think.Luv girlinthenudexx

My knees don't let me streak much, they kind of slow me down but I sure do enjoy the freedom of a nude stroll.

Good for you! Did you meet anyone? Were you seen?