Kauai, Hawaii

There are no "Nude" Beaches in Kauai, and technically nudity on the beach is illegal, but on our vacation this past DEC 2012 we were fortunate to find both some time alone (my wife abnd I without the kids) and a secluded spot to shed our clothes and have some fun!

We were visiting the South Shore, and after dropping the kids off for SCUBA lessons had several hours to ourselves. First stop, and main goal of this time alone - get naked on the beach!  We started driving and found ourselves on a dirt road at the end of the South Shore hotel string.  As we kept driving, past Shipwreck Beach, past the Horse Ranch, we ended up at a nice beach with very few people on it.  I THINK this is Mahaleapu Beach, but not absolutely sure.  There is a long stretch of beach, some cliffs, and some dunes.  As we hiked along the beach we were unable to find a spot secluded enough for our naked selves, so we opted for an overlook up in the dunes.  Few people ventured up this way, and we found a perfect spot to overlook the ocean, ***** off our clothes, and gather some much needed sun rays on our sexy parts!

After about an hour soaking up the sun and getting horney as hell (the sun, light breeze, and riskyness always seems to get us worked up), my wife started playing with herself and then me.  She needed an ******, and needed one bad, so I positined myself between her legs and started licking one of the wettest ******* I've had in a long time!  She quickly came, and needed some hard ****, and I was plenty ready to give her just what she needed!  I didn't last long, and came hard inside her after just a few strokes.  I rolled over and we soaked up some more rays as we came down from our sexual high.  Then we got dressed and started exploring more of the beach.

After some swimming in the ocean we decided to hike along the bluffs and see what else the area had to offer.  As we hiked along, stopping along the cliffs to eat lunch, we found ourselves on a path to nowhere and shielded nicely by vegetation.  Time for round two, but this time taking a little more time to savor my fine, hot, sexy wife!

We eventually ended up back on the cliffs, where we found enough time in between passers-by to take a few photos of me naked with the hard coastline in the background... those are reserved for my friends though!

I LOVE being nude on the beach!
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What is it about being so far from home and in a tropical paradise that makes it so natural to drop your inhibitions?

Love that your wife started playing with herself first!

We go to secluded beaches, mostly in Florida, and spas to be nude as much as we can. When there aren't public nude beaches, we try to be discrete, but occasionally we can't.

What an experience. Thank you for sharing

sounds like you had a great trip!

Well, your wife seems adventurous! I think there is hope here for what you want. :)

Happy vacation then?

Thanks for sharing. Time with the wife, in Kauai, on the beach, getting nude, having sex...one of life's great moments. :)

One of my favorite places in the whole wrld is Kauii. Next time. try "Secret Beach" up on the North Shore, between Princeville and the Lighthouse. Its a steep 1/2 mile walk, but worth it when you get there. TWOF

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day and trip, and the pics. are wonderful!!!!
Sounds like you two had an awesome vacation, and memories you will never forget!!!!
Thanks again!!!! :)

Thanks for sharing the story about a lovely and romantic day in paradise!