It Is So Stressful To Be Going To School And Having A Kid.

I never really thought about college, ever. I thought I couldn't do it because I wouldn't know how I was gonna be able to afford it, until when I was pregnant I heard about Financial Aid and I did it but I didn't think i was going to. I wanted a better life for my baby gurl and then my sister and I applied at this school. I started school when my girl turned exactly 4 months and now she's almost 10. It is really stressing because I have to go for so many hours late at the evening, sometimes I can't even find a babysitter but my family is really supportive and i dont get to see her all the time and then when i'm with her, i have to do my homework. It is really stressing. I dont regret having her but i wish i would've thought before and gone to college and her exactly and be ready and college over with.

I think anyone who wants to have kids and go to college, they should wait til they are really ready. But that's my opinion. But I know that at the end is gonna be so much worth it and my daughter hopefully learns from me. (:

natycuevas natycuevas
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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Don't give up sweetie, finish one semester then you can take some break. Raising a baby and going to college is really really hard and I can imagine. At the same time going to college for a good job is important too. Wish you luck in everything that life brings to you. Glad you have family support. I am Bonnie.