It's Not Bad.

I don't understand why people put down community college so harshly. Personally I prefer having the smaller classes and the easy access to the instructor when I need help. Generally, people seem pretty happy and are really friendly, as everyone around you is just another member of the community trying to better themselves. I don't think I'd ever consider going to a major college or even a bigger one. I love my community college and am so thankful that they are here for my small town and help out the little people. :)
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Hi I too go to a community college and you're so right!! all my life, I was told that community collage is bad, and going to one means that you'll eventually be nothing. The real shame part for me is when you go around telling people that you go to community college...they look down o you, they make it seem like I'm the most dumbest thing in the face off the earth. I really the whole perception about community college needs to change, b/c Its not fair for students like me who work just as hard as a state college student.

Nothing wrong with a community college. It is all about learning. I went to a state school, as there were no local schools available. Have take some classes at our local comm. college, and I didn't see any difference. Just keep learning.