Step 1 to Justice?

The pre-trial hearing to try and get at least the $550 dollars stolen from me by that heartless crook is this morning and for the last two weeks I have kept a positive frame of mind about the outcome and getting the letter from the Judge Judy show kind of strengthen my belief that I would come out ahead.  Well, since I didn't respond to their phone calls, (5 of them), they sent me a letter once again outlining their offer BUT, this time they included new information that messed my whole world up.  According to them although I would win my case there is no guarantee that I will get any of my money back!  They said they would pay me what my judgment is within 30 days but HERE I would not get it.  I didn't know that a person caught stealing from someone and committing fraud could be found responsible but not be made to re-reimburse the victim!  And on top of everything else I have to pay court costs of $300! The clerk is letting me pay it off at 10 dollars a month as I was found indigent.  What good is it for me to go through all of this and I won't even get justice or compensation but instead will have to pay AGAIN?  There's a problem in the system that needs to be corrected!!  What happened to me was criminal and I'm the one who has to pay for it and keep paying for it because it will stick with me for the rest of my life while he goes on his merry way without so much as a second thought.  It's just not right! I wish I were writing the laws!  Things would certainly be different and a lot better.  It's the victims of crimes who should have the rights and considerations not the offenders!  So anyway my head is once again bowed and my sense of defeat has reared it's head again.  I don't know what the outcome of all of this will be and I might have to take this new nail in my neck and get on with my life without benefit of getting back what is rightfully mine.  How sad a thing is it to have to accept this kind of action and live with it.  I can NEVER put aside what was done to me. EVER!  That leaves me where?
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It's no different in Canada either, the system SUCKS, and they should have a panel of *victims* of all the various crimes, to re-adjust the UNjust, justice system.

Welcome to the kindergarten of the school of hard knocks in regard to the American System of Justice. Check out www jail for judges dot org.

Sadly in our legal system, while you can win settlements and be awarded monetary compensation, there is nothing in place to actually make them pay it to you. I learned this the hard way years ago and my wife is a lawyer that sues corporations for people like us. she always says to settle for what you can get (don't trust the jury) and good luck actually getting the money.