It's this group. And there are several great people there, and several annoying people there. Today I met my kindred spirit. She and I completely connected and exchanged numbers. It's so nice to know I'm not alone in feeling alone.
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Really glad you're partaking in the DBT Danica and especially happy that you've found a kindred spirit. You're fortunate to have a group therapy in the region you're in. I wish it was available here but isn't. I think the group sessions would really help in some ways just as you've benefited by it knowing there are others that feel as you do. Individual therapy is good in some instances but there are aspects that group involvement really bring a therapy to a different level of understanding.
I've spent a lot of time reading through DBT material. Amazing how much everyone could benefit by taking this regardless of the reasons that steered you toward it.
Question: Is there any particular part of the therapy that you've found really helpful and you've adopted as practice that may not have prior to taking it? As always I'm not trying to really pry or just be nosy. I like to hear what helps people and why it does.

Again, really glad you seem happy and that you're enjoying it.

Validation. Accepting things as they are. It's a constant struggle, but I try very hard to focus on validating myself, my thoughts, and others.

thanks for answering Danica. I know from my reading two different DBT programs and the corresponding workshops and worksheets that it seems to me that 'mindfulness' and the tools and techniques used to help with that really fit into the process of validation, especially of other's comments or actions. Sheryl also found this to be a really useful part but it's a job for her, especially if something comes at her right out of the blue and triggers a resentful or angry repsonse to take ten deep breathes and think," OH! MIndfulness techniques- what else might this be about?".

It really must be so, so, so difficult considering all the mitigating factors to move forward, but the one thing I've learned and there is no denying or even questioning is that most people here that are tasked with this daily challenge of living with this and moving forward in a better direction are so strong, willful, caring and for the most part tough, seasoned through experience and dedicated to improving their lot.

I consider that a really exceptional, admirable, and truth be told; an envious quality about so many people here. You are certainly one of those gifted people Danica.

Really glad again you've met a kindred spirit and best of everything.


Thanks, Rick.

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