Ghost Or Not

I really try to believe that i'm just imagining things like this, but this is what happenned
i experienced it for 3 straight nights
FIRST NIGHT: i jus crawled on my bed and lifted my foot when somethin solid hit my feet
[ my room was just empty except the bed and the lights were off, so cant figure watever that was]

SECOND NIGHT: i had my OS on in the next room and just tried to sleep when somethin just crossed [i mean the lights flickered in the OS making the place too dark and my OS is still in perfect condition]. i still dont know how to explain that

THIRD NIGHT: it was the most scary. I was about to sleep with my face on in the bed when i felt someone/somethin forcing/pressing me in that position. I cant move for sometime and i couldnt shout or do anythin. it totally freaked me out

these could be my hallucinations(i wish),
aSchizophrenic aSchizophrenic
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I totally believe you 0_0 this one time, I was at my friends house, and there was no one upstairs, and we left this box in the middle of the table, and we were the only ones home, and we heard a crash downstairs and we went to see what it was, and the box was off the table and EVERYTHING in it was scattered on the floor... It was ******* weird! Whenever I'm at her house it freaks me out. This one time, me and her were about to go upstairs to the weird attic place, but right when we were about to walk there the light turned itself on... I swear to god... We didn't look back and see it turn out, it turned on right before our ******* eyes...and of one ever believes us 0_0 but maybe we are just insane..... but a lot of weird stuff happens there.....and i always have super demonic dreams....and we heard demonic whispers once, but i thought she just really was being insane, so i told her she probably was dreaming it, but a few hours later i heard the same thing...

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