Music Festivals

I love music especially electronic music & I love to dance!!

I went to my first music festival when I was 21 it was

earthdance n California. I was hooked. I was so amazed

how people of all different walks of life could come

together for the love of music & form this little

community. Then my next festival was symbiosis

gathering n yosemite ca. It was so beautiful I will never

forget it. I did symbiosis again this year at pyramid lake

Nevada for the eclipse & that was an amazing experience

as well. There crew can really deliver!! Other festivals iv

done have included regenerationfestival in Oregon,

lightening n a bottle, raindance campout & enchanted

forest. All of those n cali. I actually broke by foot this year

at enchanted forest I got a dancers fracture. Lol guess

thats how u know u were having a good time dancing so

hard u hurt your self. But it kept me from doing burning

man :'( oh well next year. My love 4 music, music festivals

& dancing I don't think will ever fade!!
fractalpterodactyl fractalpterodactyl
26-30, F
Dec 15, 2012