Hi my name is Susan anorexic bulimic COE

being in a program for 5,5 years really continues to change myself the best I could. I am not perfect and I know it inside that this is OK. Finally I found a sponsor who respect me, even though our relationship is based on email communication and skype calls.
To find a good sponsor was problem for me for last year. To have a sponsor is inevitable to have abstinence and to recover.
I was really scared and desperate when I came to OA. I suffered from unknown feelings, attitudes which destroy my sense of well being and inner peace.
I use food when I need love, other people, acceptance, respect, kindness etc.....How could I be surprised to feel so bad?
I know this program really works for me, so despite all problems I am still on path.

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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Hi Susan,
I am also bulimic/anorexic. Please read my story. I am not able to attend meetings due to living in Thailand and am looking for a sponsor. I can not do this alone and need to stick to three meals a day, nothing in between and take one day at a time. I know I am only ever one bite away from a binge but let myself, I tell myself doesn't matter find excuses instead of talking to my higher power.