First Timer...

Tonight I am planning on going to my first Overeaters Anonymous meeting. 

I am fairly nervous... not too sure what to expect... and nervous about how friendly the people will be etc...

but im sure it cant be too bad! my depression support group is nice : ) 

So i have a problem with overeating... i find it an embarrassing thing to talk about...

In a way I treat food as if its comfort food... so i eat when im upset etc but in a way im also using it as a punishment because im overeating

on the bad stuff such as fast food! 

Its almost as if im saying to myself that I dont deserve to be happy so i eat because it makes me feel slightly better during afterwards i feel worse

and I think beneath it all its a way t o punish myself and a form of self hatred.

So lets hope this group will have a positive effect on me : )

LonelyTrail LonelyTrail
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I go to OA at least 2-4 times a week, attending the meetings regularly and have a food sponsor and a Big Book Step Study Sponsor. I struggle everyday. It is now easy for me to admit, or accept, that I am a compulsive overeater and a food addict. But I struggle a lot with the food. I eat too much and for the wrong reasons. I eat because it tastes good, it feels good and I want to - I overeat because enough is NEVER enough. I want more and more and more.. mostly sweets, but sometimes other carbs. I was abstinent (eating non-trigger foods and not eating compulsively) for about three weeks but I was unable to sustain that and am back in the throes of this deadly and voracious foe.<br />
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This is an addiction. Anyone who thinks they can do this alone is in denial. We need help. We all need help and asking for help is a sign of strength - a sign of TRUE acceptance of our addiction. Once we seek help and realize that we can not do this alone and that our lives are indeed unmanageable, we are well on our way. <br />
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I have just started step 4 and it is hard. I will not pretend that I don't suffer and struggle through every emotion, but it is part of this process. I hope anyone who is even considering it will attend a meeting whether in person, online or by phone. I think you will realize you are NOT alone, you are NOT weak, addiction isn't something we can manage alone. It is a disease and we need help. We need a LOT of help. Wanting to get better isn't enough.. unfortunately. If it were, none of us would struggle with our weight and the food as much as we do. Good luck everyone. I know I need it!

hi i also overeat and am too fat

Thats fantastic! Im so glad to here that im helping others as well! good luck on your first meeting and just remember to keep an open mind and be willing to receive help! :)

Hey lonely trail, thank you SO much for making me discover this. I had no idea there were support groups and stuff like that in my area. I found out there`s an OA meeting tomorrow and I`m really excited! Thanx again, and good luck to you ;)

Hi 41Olivia,<br />
First meeting went well... I must admit I felt pretty embarrassed walking in the room... as I guess im only admitting this to myself now and i might still be in abit of denial...<br />
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But once i heard other people share their stories.. and realized wow i can really relate to these people! and im not the only one! I felt slightly more comfortable... but after the meeting i so badly wanted to go get some junk food and comfort myself... and that was because i was finally being confronted and deep down my addiction didnt like it! <br />
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Step one. We admitted we were powerless over food - that our lives had become unmanageable. <br />
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This is the step i need to begin with... and i think i have started the path to recovery by even attending the meeting... but i think my next step is to fully write down my story and share it with others. which i will do in another post to this group on EP. <br />
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I've heard you dont have to go to a meeting... if you google online you can also find phone and maybe even email meetings etc for OA. maybe give that a go too!?<br />
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Keep Growing and smiling!<br />
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Hi LonelyTrail,<br />
I hope your meeting goes well. I used to go to OA but left thinking I had the eating under control. I didn't and am heavier than ever. I would love to go back but there are no meetings close by. Keep posting about your progress. I could us some inspiration.<br />
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