Not Sure... But At Least There Is Hope!

I have been attending many different meetings for OA, which im quite proud about because its alot more productive and proactive than i usually am. Although i haven't yet said anything at the meetings really, i've spoken to a few people afterwards and have got a few numbers to call when times get tough...

I guess im still not very sure about how this will exactly help me to stop overeating... I guess sometimes it just seems to simple and its frustrating... because you want a "complex" answer! But there isn't one.... not really. well atleast not that i've been told from group. 

I guess im still coming to terms with step one... its so hard to finally admit this... and at times you feel like an idiot and just want to say its just because im weak willed and pathetic... when actually no its not your fault... its hard coming to terms with that.

I've met some really great people through the fellowship and they are people i can actually talk to about this and not be completely humiliated and feel like a total loser! they understand... and they have gone through all the feelings that i am going through now too. Being skeptical...  and yet i still go back to every meeting... 

I guess it helps that i've been to GROW (a Depression Support Group) Because i was alittle skeptical of that at first too, but i've been going for about 5 months now and those months when i was going every week and reading the literature a chapter a night... i handled things better... i still had my down days but they didnt last as long... and i could still go on with my daily living instead of being completely isolated and alone. I had somewhere to go to let it all out. Mind you... those 3 weeks where i didnt go at all and didnt read any literature at all!!! I went straight down hill!!!!! But it was good... because it made me think... ok wow... it was working... maybe i didnt notice it and it was just a subtle change... but it was working.

Thats the hope that i have for OA. It may not happen straight away... or even in a few years.. but as long as I persist with it and the 12 steps... It may just work for me like I see it has done for many people at group! and why not? what have I got to lose?... nothing!

So yeah... just thought i would update things and show my progress... or no progress, but i think even if it just starts with attending the meetings... im on the right track! : ) 

Thanks for reading.



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Yeah. : ) i guess its hard to retrain yourself to know when you are actually full and stop! lol

Thanks! I try to help people by giving a positive outlook on things, it's what I do. FYI those meals were not full meals, just small but evenly proportioned healthy food.

Thanks for the positive comment!! :D

The mind is tremendously powerful, keep your goal in mind and let nothing take that goal away.<br />
As the saying goes "Mind over Matter" which is very true, I used to have a weight problem, and I decided that I wanted to drop weight fast. I did lots of research on the internet. All I found was people wanting your money just to give you a pile of BS. So I went to a nutritionist, we figured out what calories I should have been taking in for my age. Got that established, I subtracted 600 cals from what I should be getting, and started to walk 8 miles a day and stopped eating "junk food" or what I like to call "garbage food". No pop, no candy, no chocolate(s), nothing that wasn't healthy. I also envisioned what I would like to get to in say two weeks, and stuck to that. I did have a problem over eating but I thought for the better of my health/me I NEED to change that habit. So instead of eating 3 big meals a day, began to eat 6 small meals a day. When you eat 6 meals a day, you are actually tricking you mind into thinking that your stomach is not hungry. Eat slowly too, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know when the stomach is full, SO SAVOR THE FOOD. With those 6 meals and walking 8 miles a day. I began to lose 1lbs a day! Which was great but now I kinda regret because I read if you lose more than 1-4 lbs a week you risk muscle degeneration. Meaning you lose some muscle strength and size. I didn't care at the time, because I was 220lbs and going up, but now through changing my habits I am now 165lbs which I deem perfect. I just need to work out now to gain back my strength that I have lost. So keep a goal in mind, make some changes, be confident, and go for gold. Take care God bless!