It's A Habit

I got to sleep at around 8pm. By 6pm i feel exhausted and 7 i feel drowzy. But it's a habit, a habit that started out as a way of hiding from a world i could bare no longer living in.

My parents used to fight and argue a lot when i was younger. My mom and dad both worked all day and came back till around 7pm. They would somehow always end up arguing about anything and everything. I understood that they came home tired and stressed from work, but the yelling still bothered me. I would go to my room and listen to music, but the volume could only go so high.I would cry myself to sleep most of the time, wishing the torture would just stop. I don't remember when it started, but one day i woke up really early and forced myself to stay awake. I figured that if i woke up early, i would be exhausted by the time my parents got home. And it worked. My parents would come home, i would greet them, and then go to my room while they ate dinner. In just minutes i would fall asleep. When my parents woke up i could sometimes tell when they fought. My mom would be quiet and my dad would leave quickly to work. Though it still bothered me to see them like that, at least i didn't have to hear it.

Now it's a habit. I like the quiet mornings too. I wake up usually around 4am, go to school and then come home exhausted, and finally go to sleep at 8. Sometimes i wish i could break the habit so i could stay up talking to my friends all night or look at the stars. But my body has become accustomed to it.
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I'm sorry you had to endure hearing your parents constant arguing