I am definitely a morning, even afternoon person. I love going to bed early, sometimes as early as 8 pm, and sleep 8-9 hours. I feel very refreshed in the morning and ready to take the world.

Late at night my brain is frazzled and I cannot really concentrate on any mental endeavors. Nights are good for romance and for phasing out. Days are good for mental work and physical activity.


Of course I have gone through a zillion sleepless party nights, but I was always extremely lethargic on the next day.

Anyway, I am just enjoying my non-social phase at the moment along with some very restful nights.

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36-40, F
1 Response Sep 27, 2009

I also go to bed very early, I am usually in bed by 7pm and 7:30pm. Also usually two nights aweek in bed by 6:30pm. I get up early and love the morning. I find I need at least 8 1/2 hrs of sleep better with 9. I have always been that way.