Tired Of Not Having Anyone To Go With.. :

Well last week i went alone to three movies and i really loved the experience. Usually I tell one of my best friends about any new movies and call him but he just makes up some **** excuse. My other friends in college live away from the city, that takes time for them to come and that clashes with the movie timings. I have missed enjoying a lot of good movies for over a year because of this. So one day i wanted to see a movie and my friend didnt wanna come, so i decided i'd go alone and i went, i enjoyed it. I never wanted to go alone as i feel bad when i see other people coming with their friends but there were a lot of people who came alone to the movies. It lets me concentrate as well as enjoy the movies more when i go alone, except for one or two times when some stupid guy or a bunch of students who have already watched the movie come there and make noises..

I recently watched the mmovie Drive starring Ryan Gosling, one of my favourite stars. It was an awesome experience alltogether as there were very few people, the movie and soundtrack were great and there was no one in the row i was sitting.

I hope to have a mini theatre in my home if i become rich.. still not sure if my friend would come or not lol.. :P
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When you become next Spiellberg (and I know you will, even a better version) and have your own movie premiere don't invite them! =D Tell I thought you lived too far to make it hehe =P Anyway next time you go to movies, tell me and i'll get my butterfly wing and be right there =D

awww butterflying, you're far too kind.. ;) me becoming spielberg sounds good but isn't it way too exaggerated..?? =P

and idk about the others, but YOU should be there for the premiere without making any lame excuses.. :O :)

I happen to love going alone. No worries about talking during the movie, coordinating times etc. There are times I've overheard people talking about me and why I'm alone. Whatever! That being said, I've also had people approach me and ask to sit down with me. It's been great to meet new people who also don't have anyone at the time to go with. Personally, if I let others bother me like that I would sit home alone all the time. Too boring for me. If others are too busy with their own lives, then so be it. Nothing personal about my friends and their choices. I just find the experience that much more entertaining. :)

i dont take it personal when friends refuse to come but i feel left out or something and i havent meet any new people yet..