I Must Trust The Process Of Life

I must trust the process of life. I must stay out of my own way and allow right action to take place. I beleive everything happens for a reason. I will walk unafraid upon this earth. I have done my home work and know this is true. I am safe in this world and no harm will come to me. When it is my time to suffer, I will suffer..When it is my time to be here no more, then I will be gone. That is the process, and I trust it completely. Kim
KrazyAuntKim KrazyAuntKim
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Yes right, but maybe sometime we get trust to make procces for our what we choose it.<br />
sorry if my words english not good, maybe if I'm not wrong, i think u have a talent to make choose to be what u want.<br />
I feel to your energy that when I wrote your story

What? Are you a boozer like me new friend? LMAO

sorry if my words makes u uncomfortable, maybe my word wrong.

Not uncomfortable, just tickled...You may want to read again my friend what you wrote? No worries though! Kim

My two neices, LMAO - You girls are so sweet, but you gotta not struggle and let right action flow. Yet do not sit idly by and wait for it, keep your desires in your mind. Right action takes place quicker and easier when you are not looking for riches to obtain for your happiness, but for simple things that bring peace to you so that you can shine for those that need it. There is also riches to be had with learning and gaining wisdom, trusting how you feel within when you read something like I wrote (blush) and it makes way to much sense! LMAO - And you can always laugh instead of cry when hard times hit. It is your choice! Kim

You My dear, are full of words of wisdom :) I need to learn to trust that process of life more than i do now. Thank you for this story sweet and Krazy Auntie Kim :)

That is a wonderful way to look at things. Especially considering your planned out your life's experiences before coming into life. I feel the same way. Though I have to say a little bit of extra insight as to what I have planned for myself would be nice.