Men Of God Were Never Believed All Through History By The Majorities; Therefore These Words Are For The Few That Are Concerned About The Calamities That Are Going To Strike America Whereas The Majorities Will Remain Blind Until Its To Late.

God is so marvelous that it has taken me twenty years just to get my foot into the door so as to see things more the way that He sees them with whatever amount of wisdom and knowledge with understanding that He has thus far given me that only increases daily; and with that comes seeing the population of this world with the many different ways that the hardships of the beginning of sorrows and great tribulation followed by God’s wrath will be taken by people of all walks of life physically and mentally because what’s coming shall be unlike anything ever before in the history of the human race since God renewed the face of this planet {Psalms 104:30} from His judgment against the sinning angels who became demons from Satan’s evil ways who was god then and still is with destruction coming again. . . .But this time not because of sinning angels which kept not their first estate, {Jude 6} but because of the sinning human race who is rebellious {Ezekiel 2:6} against God their creator and cannot even see themselves as all being deceived even though God clearly tells all that they are with the only way to overcome the god of this world is to have the mind of Christ by following the Head of the body of Christ who God’s true church actually is rather than a rebellious world of religious hypocrites who are totally disobedient, have no love, don’t follow their Head, and take part in everything with pagan origin while hearing the doctrines of man they make the words of God that we are to live by none effect in all of their lives.

And all that God teaches and says through His words of truth that none follow is because of their pride that will bring them all down as written in Proverbs 16:18, 29:23.

Their are hundreds of millions who have always lived in extreme levels of poverty with war, famines, diseases, corrupt governments and every evil of life always stacked against them; therefore have always been in their own great tribulation because life’s circumstances that cannot get much worse than what they have always suffered in rapes, tortures, child abuse physically, mentally and sexually with no home and just constant deaths everywhere just as their lives have always been. And just one of countless examples would be Nigeria with the non-stop living hell it has always been for so very many innocent lives; and not just them but all people in places all over this world where great sufferings have always been.

Just for clarity in what I write, things will get worse in ways as never before, but those who have had the hardest lives will be the strongest in all who are apart from God while He shows His mercy to those who strive to walk with Him because they trust in only Him through their unwavering faith that has prepared them ahead of time for the greatest times of trouble that have ever been . . . and they knew exactly how hard life would become while knowing that only God would be their way of survival by answering all basic needs along with the inner peace to deal with all that’s happening in a world of chaos while also growing only closer to Him as the active body of Christ who has no other life other than following their Head which will bring a happiness that goes so far beyond words that the natural minds just cannot understand with the love that will make God’s kingdom so flawless.

Now the poor in the cities, ghettos and every kind of people in all levels of great poverty worldwide will do better in these great times of trouble that are rapidly approaching the human race because they have always been without while having to live in the midst of difficulties always, but things will only grow a thousand times worse for them all, but they have at least had a taste of the hard life that will somewhat help them better to deal with it at the beginning; but what’s so sad is there is no way out of the horrors that will only increase far beyond the worst of the worst that only gets even worse in ways such as mothers boiling the flesh of their own children for meat in famine.

When we come to the middle and upper class people that have just become used to normal life with foods to eat, nice homes, places to go and things to do with just basically a pretty decent life other than the usual difficulties that is just a part of life for us all; they will be hit hardest when everything is taken away with only a life that was once good being left behind for a new life that becomes as a darkness that only grows blacker with no hopes as the months and years progress towards God one year of final wrath prior to His kingdom that will be the greatest happening the human race has ever experienced because God’s kingdom will be built on something that this world has never known called love in deeper ways than the human minds can even relate to because the devil who is the deceiver and god of earth is a god of hate with his spirit of hate that goes into the minds of all in ways they don’t even know because they cannot read the words of God on just how deep love really is and how He knows when hearts have none no matter how many times their words may profess it with nothing more that words as in no actions or deeds to show the love that words falsely state.

There are many extremely wealthy people who have everything in their own minds; and everything is meant in terms of estates, supplies, man power, weapons, security and just everything needed to make them safe and untouchable no matter what happens in this world; but they are wrong in that no one can hide from God; and when He says the end times have arrived that will bring more deaths with destruction and waste than has ever before been, and He as God Almighty tells all things just as they have been in past, are now, and what soon will be with nothing ever hidden; and as this world begins to crumble with God opening their minds {and God will have mercy by opening the minds of all who have hearts that please Him} to the realities that we all are going to be living in during these times of the end which will bring uncountable deaths on children and people of all ages worldwide; they will see now that the day will come when they will have absolutely nothing in the midst of a world full of such great chaos than the population 6.8 billion will be reduced to about 680,00,000 people through world financial collapse, famine, diseases, war and everything of such extreme darkness that only death will remain in the midst of destruction and waste that becomes desolate with no living creatures from the effects of man’s massive arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that have the power to completely wipe out the life of every creature.

And because the United States of America was once the greatest single nation that has ever been because of God, it will also become the greatest single nation calamity that crumbles in ways unspeakable to hundreds of millions with bodies laying everywhere and the stench death for the only air to breathe no matter where you go.

Those in the cities will be riddled with every crime unstoppable when street gangs and violence with robbery and murders take over with no control as terrorist are spreading their terror on top of the disasters that all ready exist as in just adding more fuel for the already chaos of living nightmares with small nuclear bombs, chemicals and biological weapons; and with that the great increase of pestilence {diseases} wiping out millions as a domino effect that never ends until the end.

Let’s back up some and cover the beginning that a foolish nation has allowed to happen with a history of government corruption so evil that it has led to Obama who is not even an American citizen and completely controlled just as Bush was and Clinton before him and Bush Sr. before Him that just dates back from corruption to corruption to more corruption that we won’t get into the details of because the of the way things now are that will affect every life is what we need to discuss.

I am not here to write in depth about the FEMA death and concentration camps all throughout America. I am not writing to discuss the millions of plastic coffins awaiting coming inhabitants that love God and truth rather than the new world order. I am not here to talk of the illuminati, martial law and all of your known freedoms being taken away. . . Nor am I here writing and looking for an argument with anyone because I can tell you nothing that you don’t want to believe.

What I am here writing for is to deliver a message that only few will hear; and those few will make it known to a few more and so on because. . . .

“Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Spirit teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” 1 Corinthians 2:13

God will draw only men who have become spiritual. . . .

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14

It’s only when we look to God with absolutely no confidence in man with all of our trust in only our creator that we can begin to see things as He does while trusting in His every written word with no confusion. . . .and to strive to live by every word of God while being not of this world spiritually makes you one who has overcome the god of this world for uncountable reasons as in having the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you something that shall tell you something about yourself spiritually.

For 21/2 my wife and I rented a home with bad roof leaks and many other problems, and our monthly rental was even raised from forty to fifty dollars. When we finally moved out into our unfinished native home of 20 x 18 on a 30 x 30 lot the woman that we have rented from would not even let us plug into the empty home for a power supply along with running a hose so we had water . . . and with that her spirit was so evil that she just tore into my wife in such horrible ways for no reason that what was done to her emotionally just goes beyond words. . . .and my wife is a woman of God with such strong faith that while in tears she prayed for God to correct this woman and remove the evil within her and from our lives as we have a hard enough life as it already is without her added. . . .

About 2 weeks later that woman had a stroke and our problems with her came to an end.

Do you take those words seriously? Or are they just foolishness? Do you take every word of God seriously? Or do you just say that you do while living in total disobedience?

How many times must I write the words of God in 1 John 3:11-22 that many have read with absolutely no actions?

How many times will those who are to be of the same body judge and take God’s own words wrong while judging who wrote them?

Everything that I write only the few will understand because God has been shaping and molding me for a very special purpose that will bring survival to those who can learn to hear the words of only God and never man.

When everything bad, dark and ugly begins to strike with natural disasters added like the San Andreas Fault and the greatest earthquake the USA has ever before witnessed or been the victim of; and it is going to come soon guaranteed.

So with trouble upon trouble upon trouble that only multiplies with closed borders and no way out of death and destruction other that being of the 1/3 who will be scattered into nations round about in prisons, slave labor and just whatever the captors may want to do with you or children for their own pleasures----what are you going to do now while you still have a chance to make a decision?

You all need to look at God in ways you never have before with prayers greater than ever before while asking God with you’re heart to direct you’re paths because you are fully aware that you can do nothing by yourself; and I most certainly know that I cannot; therefore all of my trust is in only God with zero trust in man who does not follow our church bodies Head.

For almost four years now God has been preparing me by increasing my faith so strongly that I already know without question that I will do even greater works that our Lord Jesus Christ because He said that I would and all who believe. I also know without question that I have been chosen. John 14:12, 15:19-20

My next writing will have some details on what those who have trust in God and not man will need to know regarding what to do while there is still time to leave the borders of America. So think and pray because no matter what you have in life will become as dust in the wind. . . .Do some research on the crash of 1929 while knowing that what was then will be as a picnic compared to what’s coming because it will be ten thousand times worse with no return because the times of man ruling man have reached there end over the coming years.

When you pray to God remember that words have no meaning because what God looks at most is the intent of you’re heart that tells Him absolutely everything that He wants to know about you. So if your heart wants the mind of Christ, the love of Christ and the actions of Christ who said Himself that He could do nothing by Himself but only as the Father taught Him to speak along with always doing those things that please Him as written in Hebrews John 8:28-29 with Hebrews 4:12-13 that show nothing is hid from God.

Want God’s lead? Your heart must ask; so ask God to do the things that David asked in repentance from his sin with Bath-sheba in Psalms 51; and God will hear you if what you ask for are in deep sincerity from your heart.

Get used to the words in Proverbs 1:22-33 and chapter 2 with instruction for a new way of life.
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Sep 26, 2010