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The year was 2006, it was during the season of the mid-term elections, during George W. Bush's second term in office.
And It came out all over the news that a major Christian leader, the pastor of a 8,000+ member congregation in Colorado Springs had fallen.
A couple of days later I was on my knees in my living room and I was visited by an Angel from Yahweh.
And the Angel said...
"...this marks the beginning of the GREATEST REVIVAL America has ever seen."
Instantly I was thrown into a vision...
I saw a SHAKING of the Household of God!
I saw men and women who had NOT been good stewards of their mantles.
And when the shaking came, I saw the mantles of these men and women vibrate up off of their shoulders and fall to the ground.
And I saw Angels flying down out of Heaven from God, thousands of them... and they were picking these mantles up off of the ground.
And they were placing these mantles on a NEW Leadership!
And the Angel said...
"...this event represents a CHANGING OF THE GUARD."
And I saw the YOUNG and the OLD.
And I saw MEN and WOMEN.
And I saw the Angels placing the mantles on young Davids and old Deborahs.
And I saw the Angels placing the mantles on middle aged Moses' and teenage Joshuas.
Those who had been trained in obscurity, having learned how to defeat BOTH the LION and the BEAR like David did.
And the Angels were taking the mantles of those who had NOT been stewarding them, and they began to mantle this NEW LEADERHIP!
And the Angels said...
"...It will be a 40 YEAR Revival...and AMERICA will be SAVED!"
And I saw this NEW Leadership begin to emerge.
And I saw that this revival had nothing to do with people shaking or falling down.
These NEW Leaders could not care less about conferences or church attendance.
This NEW Leadership.
Operating through a NEW WINESKIN.
Had ONE goal in mind:
And the Angel said...
"...So no matter what ANY prophet says, and no matter what's being shown on the Television and in the News, You just KEEP DECLARING that AMERICA IS IN THE MIDST OF THE GREATEST REVIVAL IT HAS EVER SEEN!"
And I saw this NEW LEADERSHIP emerging over the course of time.
And they had to learn how to operate with these NEW MANTLES.
And I saw the WISDOM of the AGED come together with the ZEAL of the YOUTH.
And I saw the Bride of Christ in America being delivered from the spirit of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION.
And the Angel said...
"...Many prophets are prophesying that judgements are coming to America...but JUDGEMENT begins with the Household of God"
And there was a war in HEAVEN, and Michael and his angels waged war with the dragon.
And the ancient serpent, the same who was with Adam in the garden, waged war with the American people.
And I saw this NEW LEADERSHIP, operating together as ECHAD (One), driving that Ancient Serpent out of America.
And the Angel said...
"...JUDGEMENTS will come to America, but they will be Yahweh's RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENTS."
And I saw the Sons and Daughters of Yah.
And they were driving the "Rulers and Powers and Principalities" out of the land.
And I saw the Earth begin to tremble as these Demonic forces were dislodged from their dominion.
And the Angel said...
"...there WILL be earthquakes and floods and terrorist attacks, but they will be THE RESULT of the RIGHTEOUS ONES judging the Serpent out of the land."
And I saw Jezebel doing everything in her power to TEAR DOWN America on her way out.
And I saw the American people devastated by disasters.
And I saw the saints of the Most High God saving the day with the LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL!
And the Angel said...
"...The United States of America will be like Ninevah...the ENTIRE NATION will be saved!"
And I saw Sons and Daughters of God taking over every facet of America.
And I saw the GOVERNMENT of the US being transformed by the GOVERNMENT of YAH.
And I saw HEALING HOUSES that use to be called HOSPITALS, and the nations were bringing their sick ones from afar .
And I saw the ENDING OF ABORTION in America.
And I SAW and I SAW and I SAW! SHABBA!!!G
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I wish religion and those are fervently religious, would be a bit more logically based, instead of always saying something like, "it's God's will" or "mysterious ways"... Just a thought, why do you automatically know the meaning behind this symbolism that god apparently chooses to use, to convey his messages to the faithful? How do you know a "glowing lamp" means that Hollywood will do the Lord's work? Maybe it was a veiled reference to Robin Williams, remember he was the Genie in Aladdin? I mean, if one makes sense, the other isn't completely crazy...

I think the subjectivity of religion and religious experiences causes lots of difficulty. At least for those of us who are searching for faith. I find it to be a club already formed, and you cannot gain entry unless you lie to yourself. I went to this one church, when all of a sudden, for praying, they started just babbling and "speaking the word of god." I like to think I don't frighten too easily, but being in the middle of that crowd, when that occurred - immediately made me fear for my safety. If these people will readily let go of mpdern language as a communication method, what ELSE will they readily let go of, if prompted by the person with the microphone?!? Then outside, it was sunny and quiet... blue skies... god wants us to babble to him, instead of coherent thought? I don't get it...

I am sorry you are confused, and that was certainly not my intention. I am very glad that you are seeking the Lord. Apparently you must have been in a Pentecostal Church? i do not know what you experienced, but apparently they were speaking in tongues.
That is acceptable behavior in that that particular church, and you can read more about it in the Bible, Just look up speaking in other tongues, and there are rules that are meant to govern this , Since I wasn't there I can't say whether they were wrong or not in what happened, but if you are not comfortable with that behavior you might try going to a Baptist Church, as they do not believe in speaking in tongues.
I would suggest that you read your bible often, so you will be familiar with what is acceptable and what is not and what is expected, there are some really good helps online, like Bible Hub & Bible Gateway.
The prophesy that you read above usually comes from someone that has been a Christian for a long time, and is familiar with the ways and language of the Holy Spirit. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask? There are a lot of Christians on here.God Bless .

thanks for such a kind response

Speaking in tongues like that is a real thing it's gibberish. All the evil things that imaginary being telling a few people to do. How stupid are people to follow any religious crap.

Speaking in tongues is speaking directly to God and bypassing the enemy.

Sorry crap is crap no matter how it's spun

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Hollywood was not around when the bible was written. So it can not be written about. Someone is interpretation of it thinks it does.

This is a prophetic word for now, and this is what was being said about Hollywood : And I saw the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY become a BURNING and SHINING LAMP. (meaning it was going to be used for the Lords purposes)