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I am facing a scary reality.  I am finally going back into the workforce after being out of it for over 20 years.  I am a stay at home mom and devoted my time to my kids and raising them  Now that they are older and on their own, I decided to re enter the work place.  I am finding it very hard as alot of places will not hire someone at my age who has not had a job in such a long time.

Has anyone else experience this and how did they get back in.  I cannot really aford to go to school which I wish I could.  I feel so lost and alone because I'm scared I will not be able to find work.  I do not want to give up but my days are bleak as I continue to search for work but am not having any luck.

Optimisticgirl Optimisticgirl 36-40, F 3 Responses Dec 1, 2007

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Thanks worldleader I will try that

Thanks for the confidence...will give it a try and let you know

I would say dont give up! i dont understand, i would think you are at a perfect age, lots of life experience, raised your children etc and now looking at at least 20 years hard labour :)

Depends what you are looking for i suppose. Life moves on very quickly these days, scarily so.

Maybe you need to emphasise you assets to any prospective employers, no, i dont mean a push up bra! lol

Have you an idea what you'd like to do? are you hoping to return to a similar type of work you had before you were raising your children?

Anyway, isnt 40 the new 20?

Think about yourself as your best friend, what have you got to offer, i bet theres loads, and confidence speaks volumes.

Blow your trumpet girl x