Wife Teasing In Seductive Skirt & Top

My wonderful wife, Candice always had a thing for going over the edge, especially when it come to dressing very revealing..Guess from people at work and friends who always complimented her on her style. This being a true way of our lives I just want to put you guys on track, as too what happens sometimes.

Seems this had made her feel more confident and sexy. When we have to go out she will choose the most seductive outfit that enhances her 36D breasts and loves  skirts almost  almost till her *** cheeks, and compliments her outfit with very high heels or 5-7 inch pumps.   She not a fan of pantyhose or anything that cannot show her natural skin.  Well for me it just makes me drool, even more than when I see her naked.  So knowingly knows she can do this to me,  so she knows how much more it does for other men.

She loves her hangouts at exclusive bars and nightclubs.  The last time we had gone out to a club, she made a point by putting on  the shortest little black skirt, that you could assume for a a piece of cloth,  Her thighs were so succulent and when she sat it barely covered anything under the skirt.  Her boobs looked lustful and you could;NT help to notice that her hard nipples was popping right in your face.  Sexy 6" black tie up, made her legs leaner and off course the skirt shorter.

She came out and with that naughty smile on her face asked "Does this look wild enough". Grasping for breathe I just nodded in agreement, trying to act if i was not turned on.  I could hardly keep my excitement & wanted to to get some of her juices flowing..but she just loved the tease and said, if "you lucky, tonight might be a very hot night ."

I was already so hot, and dying to burst my bubble.  She just walked a bit in a wild manner till she wanted to leave. we drove and what made me feel good was that apart from getting turned on by other women, here is my wife doing ten times a better job,

At the club we met some friends and I could see in the guys eyes how much they just wanted to do her..When she sat her tiny skirt slid all the way up and although dimly it, you could see her white tong underneath.  I cautioned her a few times but she just did'did'nt seem to care.  I always tried to be next to her but she enjoyed every bit of attention she got and did'nt't mind the guys talking forward to her.

I must add I also love the thrill when she is hit on by others and when she acts a bit slutty,  We spoke about it and we enjoy the thrill alot but we knew that was the limit with no sex.  She wanted to dance after 6 or 7 vodkas and by now she seemed so care free.

On the dance floor she dances so sexily, having her body against the guys, and with them getting a feel of their lives. Some of her ladies friends eyes just popped, as they were so insecure with their hubby's and boyfriends. By this time my jocks were bursting at the seams.  Her one super hot friend sat next me, and I could help but to think to make out with her.  She too was not conservative at all, and loved to rub her hands up and down my legs.  So I too could'nt be rude (lol) and returned the favour.  Just then my wife came and asked if I enjoyed the feel of her friend.  I was lost for words, but just then she whispered "do what turns you on but, you know to keep your fly zipped"  "yes honey, I would'nt imagine doing that"

It was getting late and some of the friends left, so Candice and I stayed a bit and relaxed on the sofa. A few more guys came over and Candice after so many drinks did'nt't worry how much her legs were spread open.  A guy came over as I went to the toilet, and was up close with my wife.  Apparently she met him a few weeks earlier. I came out and pretended not to see him and walked over to the bar.

Candice became so much daring allowing this guy, to have his hands all over her..I tried too much as possible to see all, and just saw him kiss her like their lips were stuck together. We knew this was not to happen but for some reason I did'nt't want to intrude the moment.  What makes Candice so loose is that she was doing out in the open like it was having supper in a restaurant.

Then with a blink of a eye, they got up and went away..I found them downstairs in a little dark corner and there it seemed like she was about to get plastered on the wall.  Her skirt was all the way up and I could'nt really see his hands but i could only imagine where it was.

For some reason this ended abruptly and she went to the ladies..When she came out I was there, and she was ready to leave..I had to ask what I saw and she tried to deny it, but I knew what I saw.  We got home, I had to make love to her...Going down on her I could still feel how wet she was..That can only happen when some had their fingers all the way up her opening.


Needless to say I left it that, and our night of passion went well, I got to deposit all my build up.  Few days later she mentioned a bit of what happened, that she just fondled a bit.  However, her best friend who she tells everything. let the secret out, and confirmed this guy fingered her till she came and said how *** I did'nt't notice she had no panties on, cos that guy insisted he wanted it for remembrance.  I was too eager just to be with her, I never took notice.

Well now I know not to let her out of my sight, cos maybe the next time i never know what could happen.  Well her friend told me alot about my wife and how she gets, when they go out.  Guys have a blast touching her, but admitted she did'nt't have intercourse with them, but came close a few times. She is just so open with guys and acts wild after a few drinks.

Well I still love her teasing and showing all her skin, and she loves to dress that way till now. She just has sexy curves in the right places. 

Hope to post some pics soon,


Thanks for reading my really experience.

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Wow that story is four years old and it is superb.

yeah easy does it and you will increase your pleasure so much more

thanks pees for all the advice....greatly app, and taken into consideration....

I have to agree with ivo13. I know its a turn on watching your wife. But, let me state my personal feelings. I could have my wife **** a hundred men and love it all. That being said, she must be on the exact same page as I am. If anything was to be done behind my back or if I was lied to, that would end it right there! I won't tolerate a lier. We must communicate very well, be honest, respect the others wishes, and do these things together. My wife and I have a couple rules to start with just to protect our relationship and keep some things private. She won't suck **** and no kissing above the shoulders. Small things but we only look for physical sex not emotional sex. Everybody has their own likes but these are how we do it.

And when your at the point of her taking another man, I'll volunteer to step to the head of the line! Bill

My advice is to start talking about taking IT to the next stage. Let me tell you from experiance, ********** are unbelievable! also you may get alot of enjoyment from watchng as another man eats and ***** her. but both of you need to talk about it first.

I'll dance with her! :) I wouldn't mind a tease from your sexy lady.