Divorce After 26 Years Of Marriage...

Feb. 8th, 2010 my husband of 25 years told me he didn't love me anymore and that he was done! My whole world fell apart and my heart shattered. A couple of days before this I had found him and his employee in kennel with a new lock on top of inside door, and when he finally came to door to open it I was shocked, why was a lock put on a door that had a doggie door in it? He said he had several dogs that had gotten out of their cages and he didn't want them to get out if someone just opened the door, I looked at doggie door and then looked at him! A few minutes later she walked up, makeup on hair all fixed, I knew right then what was happening. He is 52 and she is 31, she had been working for him for 3 years, and has 3 little children. We are raising our 4 grandchildren. I still have a hard time wondering why this happened, if someone would of told me he would of cheated on me I would of called them a liar, I thought he was raised with the same values that I was raised with and that we would grow old together. Boy was I wrong. I ask him since we had been married such a long time if we could go to a counseler and he told me no, I'm done.
After the pain, hurt and shock wore off I realized he had done me and the grandchildren a favor, for years we had walked on pins and needles whenever he came up to the house after work. About 10 years before he had been diagnosed with diabetes and was very grouchy and controlling. But things just keep getting worse. I went and filed for the divorce so I could get a good attorney, since we had aquired so many assests together. I ask him not to let his ***** on our property until our divorce, but he refused and had her there every day. Our house is on the property where our businesses are. He then went and got an ex-parte against me saying I threatened to kill him, so the judge order me to stay out of our shop, which i never stepped foot in his shop after that. A couple of months later she flaged me and my 2 sons down (my sons are in their 30s) and wanted me to get out of the car, she was going to kick my f **n ***, I stayed in the car and my son took care of her, she then got an ex-parte against me. My son and I was throwing trash in the dumpster, him and her drove by and seen us, they backed up, pulled pickup right by me and my husband got out and asked what the hell I was doing, I said throwing trash in dumpster, he got on his cell phone called 911 and said I violated my ex-parte, I went on to town and really never thought anything about it and when I got back home a police officer came out and hand cuffed me and arrested me,I had to bond out, and it was because my husband and sheriff are friends and husband is cheif of  volunteer fire dept. the sheriff believed him and did not even take a statement from me or my son. Me and the grandchildren got thrown out of our home for 10 days and had to stay with my son. He called cops so many times, it was a nightmare.
Still after almost 1 year and him having control of all our businesses, and me without a job he has not gave me 1 cent. He's in contempt of court now, for not giving me money the judge ordered but nothing has happened. I live on 140.00 a week and can't even pay my bills, I feel like I have been to hell and back and cannot believe that it can take so long of time just to get divorced. He has done so much to me, and then had the nerve to want me back when she left him for the second time, I would never have this man back. And it makes me sick that I have lived all those years the way I did because it was the right thing to do, for what? THIS!!!
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I know how you feel to be betrayed after so many years. I feel like my whole life has been wasted. I'm totally alone and going through a divorce. I need to start all over. Can't even put into words how I feel right now.

I know how you feel. I put up with hell for 26 years.

Same happened to me after 26 years of marriage. I am 55. He is living with her.