What Should I Do?

I have been married for 45 years. I got married 6 months out of high school. We went together 2 years before getting married. I knew there would be pro
blems because he drank a lot even then. I loved him and thought marriage would take care of all our problems ( how is that for mature thinking)? We have 2 grown girls and are retired. Our financial situation would make living apart very difficult. He shows me no affection, no sex, I can't talk to him about our situation, he just sits there and says nothing or gets angry. I did go to counciling by myself several years ago and it helped a little. He refuses to go. I am very unhappy, but hate the idea of basically having wasted 45 years of my life. I wish we could both make some changes and make things at least comfortable. I am scared to be on my own as I have never been alone. Would that make me happy or would it br worse? I realize that no one else can answer these questions, but would like to know what someone else who has been where I am thinks about it.
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2 Responses Jun 22, 2011

I just want to say that I am basically going thru this situation right now as we speak. I have been with my bf ever since high school and we now have 2 young children and its been 8 years or so I am just unhappy . there is no emotions at all we use to be happy. I use to be madly in love with him but for some reason I just cant make it work anymore. I dnt want to be stuck. he is mad all the damn time and we barely talk its as if im scared to even talk to him bc I will get ignored anyways. so what did you do?

Are you still married or did you get a divorce?