Had The First 4 Way Meeting

I arrived early and so did my wife.  Suck in a tiny room with a women the i still love but I can see feels uncomfortable sitting here with me.  Small talk started by me and the rest of the time we each spent walking outside.  We discussed the house, the bills, and the children.  We couldn't agree on the children, so we have to go to a mediator.  Not much accomplished today, but it shows me that there is probably no stop to this divorce.  It is sad and heartbreaking, but somehow I have to move on.  I still love her dearly even though it seems she hates me. I hope and pray for the best.............................
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Going through this myself. Not fun. Best of luck. Hang in there.

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It seems there is just stuff going on rampantly. Been married 14 years and my husband up and offs - :-(. Said that he hasn't felt love from the first day we met.!! Sorry to hear you have children involved - it's not pleasant for them - try to live your life around them..

Been thinking about you. I"m so sorry that you are at such a different place than your wife. It seems so unfair, and I know there is nothing I could say to make it better. But I am hoping that you will find some happiness. Your pain is so terrible. Sending an electronic hug.

sorry to hear that dude......stay strong