A Letter To My Very Own Naughty Santa K!!

Santa C...as in Clause is all about being nice.... He is a jolly man all decked out in red velvet traveling around in his sleigh.... I think he ROCKS but.....

I LOVE MY Santa K as in that HOT kinky man I am married too... Who is wayyyy more interested in just how naughty I've been during the past year and how naughty I plan to be in the next one!!   

I send my Christmas letter to HIM....

Dear Santa K,
I have been a wickedly naughty girl this year!!  I totally plan to be 10x's naughtier in 2013....but to do this I need a few things from YOU!!

Like: Hot winks at least 5 times a day from those intense  almost back eyes of yours.... along with those sexy grins.

Those strong hands wandering allll over my body as much as possible. 

I want your lips following along after them...and your tongue...let's not forget your AWESOME tongue!!

I want to feel that long silky black hair of yours draped over me like a blanket while the rest of you does that magic you do to me....

I want to feel all the parts of you that fit in the parts of me all fitted together like a well oiled puzzle as much as possible....

In short...I want YOU for Christmas....Naked under the tree...... :D

Here is a kicky lil tune to get our naughty season off to a naughtier then naughty start too!

Merry Christmas!!!!
Who says a girl has gotta give up believing in Santa!!  I say we just  slide up to the grown up version and climb on that lap!! 
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very nice..need to use this next yr with my wife..im going to show her this..thnks

Aww thanks..... It is a fun thing to do!! :D

si mami

hehehe . . . or rather . . . hohoho . . . very cool Sie . . . I love the way you think . . . and I KNOW he will too . . . you guys are such an inspiration . . . thank you for sharing it with us . . . what I would not give to sit in my own santas lap this year for christmas . . . unfortunately its a thousand miles away . . . may as well be the north pole . . . oh god . . . north pole . . . yeah . . . that's what I want for christmas . . . HIS north pole . . . hahaha . . . hohoho . . . 8D

Aww thanks mm.....Yeahhh...manly North Poles ROCK!! ho-ho-hooooo! ;)

Do you realize how very cost efficient--
owning a craft would be rather then booking commercial flights?

If not--please allow me the pleasure of addressing this.

The ownership becomes even more efficient--
when said ownership is divided among two other agreeable parties.

I can be rather persistent in the pursuit of my dreams.

Take you--or instance--
I did. ;-)

oh sure...I see where this is leading..... :D If you can show me how we save from this...we can talk....Either that or you better be hiding a lottery win in your back pocket!! :D

In that case--

Dearest Ms. K,

An aircraft would be greatly enjoyed!
A moderately sized Cessna perhaps.
just sayin-- ;-)

With much gratitude for you consideration in this matter.


Dream on rough guy!! Even YOU haven't been naughty enough for one of those suckers.....Maybe next life......and that's only a maybe... :D

K's a lucky man, but I'm sure he knows that.

Aww thanks Affinity.....I think we're both pretty darn lucky..... :)

Fab letter Sie! Your Christmas shall be beyond delightful I am sure.

Aww thanks Dee...... I have hopes and I hope yours is a fine one too.....hugs and hugs

This letter begs me to ask--
To whom does Santa write his wish list too?
What would the word count be?
I feel his list could be quite extensive. ;-)

To Ms. Santa silly!! Unlimited word count!! Santa K GETS what Santa K WANTS cause Ms. Santa.....loves DOIN it all!! ♥

Your stories always make me smile! Have fun with Santa,

Aww thanks jf..... :) I'll totally try!!

you must make all his day like holiday for him. is so sweet for you both.

aww thanks nik..... hugs....

I expect that you both will have a wonderful and naughty holiday. Enjoy it.

We'll totally be working on it!! Thanks and hugs Stoner!! :)

Lol....maybe the mall can add a santa for adult ladies...for a fee...for a lap sitting:)

Lol...we would be first in line..*wink*

Lol...he doesnt need help in being creative...thats for sure:)

How cool would it be to have an adult Santa for the girls and a Mrs. Clause on her knees for the boys??? I bet you anything they could draw wayyyyy bigger crowds even with a sucky economy and NO big sales!! :D

Lol....well..santa would get rich for sure:)

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Santa K is being pretty naughty himself today!! :D But jeez I love it!! ♥

k loved this shyt. you earned mega brownie points posting this one cc. ;0] I wrote to the velvet wearing fatty with his sack of **** once. he sent me back a chain letter. some days you just cant win.

"velvet wearing fatty with a sack of ****" OMG.....ROFLMAO!! You are soooo good when you're bein soooooooooo bad. I am thrilled I wasn't sippin away on my coffee when I read that or I'd be a stained mess about now!! I swear..you just crack me right up!! K did like it too!! I love earning them points!! ♥

myaah--you were correct. I did indeed enjoy this and Sie most definitely acquired numerous points for its posting. ;-)

Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face this morning, Sie! Definitely going to share this with her when she gets home this evening! :)

Aww thanks..... She'll have her letter ready for you in no time flat. Orrrr you can BOTH write letters to each other!! That would be even more fun!! :D

With a letter like that Sie.............I am positive that Santa will be very very good to you lol

Aww thanks jacee..... Santa K is AWESOME!! He doesn't do the whole red velvet fashion statement but I have always been sorta partial to nakey anyways!! :D

As long as it comes with a big bow who cares about the red suit lol


Oh my--
This is quite the pleasant surprise!
Thank you my love for this timely missive of request.
Indeed you have been delightfully creative--
and successful--
with all your vast sensually stimulating presentations.
I can safely state--
that I will gladly honor--
as well as provide--
all heretofore mentioned requests.
You are utterly delightful.
This came at a most fitting moment.
Your timing--as usual--is stellar!

I must add that while the young women in this video are all quite lovely--
Your solo performance last evening--
was quite superior in any number of ways.
Just sayin-- ;-)

Thank you again for this--
You are such a treasure. ;-)

Awwwwwww THANKS Sexy Santa K for being wayyyyy quick on getting back to me!! I'm glad I timed it good too!! I am sooo glad it pulled you out of a possible grumpy mood for today! That totally ROCKS!

Yayyyyyyy for making all my Christmasy wishes come true!! ♥ ♥ ♥

The girls in the video were a lil more limited in what they could do then I was using the pole in our very own North Pole bedroom!! :D

hugs and hugs and MORE wigglier hugs Santa K-Guy!! :D

I so enjoy those--wiggly hugs-- ;-)

Oh my .. I need to write me a letter just like this one!!! Hope you get all you ask for and more!

You totally do need to get busy with your letter to your Santa guy!! Thanks for stopping by! :)