A New Path of Life For Me.....

I'm Going to Start Massage Therapy Training May 7th '07.  This is a new and very different career path of life for me.  I've always been in some sort of management, whether it be Real Estate, Restaurant or the Hospitality Industry.  All of which involved conflict in one form or another almost on a daily basis.  And I always seemingly had to be the "bad guy".  Well, that's not my heart.  My true self is to HELP PEOPLE.  And since I'm going thru a divorce and have had a terrible past 5 yrs esp., it's time to make a big change in my life and follow my dreams.  I've always been one to help people but now I'm in a position where I must collect a paycheck and support myself, so why not help people, make them relaxed and happy and get paid at the same time, right?

So, any of you veteran MT's out there want to encourage me, feel free.  Of course I know that in every career there are some thorns in the roses, so I'm willing to hear about those too :).

Any other newbies out there?  Let me hear from you too, K?

StrawberryBlonde StrawberryBlonde
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Ms Pretty, Have ya ever noticed strawberry and pink are similar in the color family? Gosh, we have a lot in common, don't we? I would be happy to keep you posted on my progress, likes, dislikes etc.... And if I get busy and forget, just send me a reminder, ok? Take care for now.

strawberry again i'm amazed. there was a time maybe last year and still once in awhile where i pondered becoming a massage therapist!!! let me know how it goes, is it hard, how long, job placement all that jazz k?

Well, I'm not a MT, but I LOVE massages! We can't have enough of you guys and gals around!! So, best of luck to you! I salute you! lol.