Sharing The Pleasure

I'm surprised there are no stories describing this extremely pleasurabe
natural act! (Particularly after a few days of "going without".
Since I often go every two to three days (prone to constipation) I find a
good bowel movement really great feeling and yes often quite sensuous.
My general rule is try never to delay the urge more than a half hour, and at most an hour- even if you have to use your underpants. Of course try to do this only
if you feel it to be a nice solid, firm movement. Of course this usually is the case
if you haven't gone for a few days.
Unfortionately using a laxative usually defeats this condition, although I've
found the use of suppositories usually results in a reasonably solid load -
while creating a delightful sense of urgency which adds to the "turn on"
Let's hear from you folks regarding your experiences!
RoundBottom2 RoundBottom2
Dec 3, 2012