Good Gone Bad

The reason I have chose to title my story “Good Gone Bad” is because that is the main topic in my life. My life is always going good one moment and then the next moment it could be going bad. I never have time to think about anything or time to think about fixing anything, because everything in my life happens all so quickly with no time to even realize what just happened because it all happens all at once and happens to quickly. I’m 16 and I have a lot ahead of me to think about and I think it’s really time to get in the ball game and start thinking on what im going to do because I am at that age to start maturing into a young woman if not already. Good things that have happened in my life are things like me being able to talk to my dad for the first time without arguing on the phone, and then everything going downhill that night we finally got to talk to each other, I heard that my grandma which is my dad’s mom has developed with breast cancer. Things have changed so much since then and it’s just so hard to deal with all at once
kaylamerie14 kaylamerie14
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012