Regardless Of 'new Atheism', I Feel A Bit Alone In My Feelings About Faith..

A family catholic, fully aware at all times that my mother was an atheist who went to mass. I was raised on a diet of ritual and dogma that felt comforting and magical but was ultimately unbelievable and irrelevant.
As I grew older and emboldened, I found a strength of purpose and more comfort in 'Being good without god'. Twitter and other forums have offered some degree of togetherness but I am still quietly and effectively 'Ticked off' for my rejection of faith. Usually by intellectual professionals. The rants and tirades of evangelicals washes over like froth but my peers, remaining Agnostic or 'Holding personal faith' are seemingly 'Offended' by my understanding.. Anyone out there?
Tulpa Tulpa
56-60, M
Nov 28, 2012