The Gop And Republican's War On Women And Lady Gaga, Out Of The Mouths Of Republicans!

 THE GOP WAR ON WOMEN ~ Rape Advisory Chart


AZ Government Joins War on Women
The war on women is still going strong - despite women voting heavily against Republicans nationwide earlier this month. What dirty tactics are Republicans in Arizona using now to influence a woman's right to choose? Voters overwhelmingly rejected radical anti-choice legislation nationwide this election. Why are Conservatives still trying to push it?

Scott Walker, are you serious? Less pay because you're a woman?

The GOP War on Women - Television Ad
Republicans are working hard to turn back the clock on decades of progress made by the women of North Carolina.

Republicans in the General Assembly passed legislation limiting women's access to healthcare. Republicans targeted working mothers by slashing childcare subsidies. Republicans laid off thousands of women working as educators in our schools. And, to top it all of, Republicans drew nearly a dozen Democratic women out of their legislative districts in an effort to eliminate our voice in the General Assembly. 

In their efforts to make sure that the most capable voices fighting for women in the General Assembly are silenced, they have waged an all out war on our Democratic women in elected office.

Republicans deliberately targeted women legislators for total eradication with their shameful redistricting plans. Fewer women in elected office means fewer of our voices will be included in the decisions that directly impact the lives of North Carolina's women.

We need your help to stop the Republican attacks on the women

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No one will convince you otherwise. So I won't try. Happy warmongering.

For some reason (probably my IP being slow again) (messes with everything when it gets slow)
Any how, I can't seem to reply under the post with the links.. So Thought I'd take this step to say
Thank You.. Will check them out.. :)

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Please Lady's do point me in your direction if you are posting more info like this.....about women, our rights, freedoms, and not only woman, b ut also the poor , disadvantage..

Well, I think we are all on the same page here. I am sure you know what I am looking for...

Thanks for being you! :)

Well keep trying as that group's links I provided above has some very informational stories in it, and I see you joined the group, from what I have seen of your replies, you seem like you'd have some awesome ideas for adding your own story there. Anyways I have alerts and emails to catch up me so I don't miss your new stories :)

Yes, I think we are on the same path with our passions and beliefs here.
Thank you.. I was about to join.. Tonight again I have other pages I can't load again..
So once I can I will post..

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Being a single mom, living in WI. Is devastating!
Our state is over taken by the GOP.

It appears the WI GOP are using their power in our state to punish any poor, poverty stricken, disabled, elderly, single woman and children, abused, homeless or anyone else they are disgusted by...

Together We Can Stand Strong!

You got that right sister!

I have a lot I could say... A lot I should say... A Great Deal I Will Be Sharing.....................
But for the sake of my child and our welfare I will keep it simple until we are in a better place.....
'Sisters' We need to stay close & keep tight.. Alone we are vulnerable.
Hugs, Love, Peace, & Friendship...

:) I agree, hey here is a group with lots of interesting posts..the title is not the best but lots of good stories about empowerment, well most of them anyway.

check it out if you like.