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At secondary school I got 3 canings from the headmaster or rector and just one from a teacher, a woman teacher at that. I was in the fourth form and doing a n exercise during Miss V's history class. She was about 30 from memory.  
A classmate who I had been at primary school with passed me a note which said "I ****** Wendy G on the weekend. She's got a big ****."  Wendy was a fellow classmate in those days. We were all only 15 and also Catholics so I thought it was just bravado and passed it back with "bullshit" on the bottom. 
Well, Miss V didn't see the note pass to me but she saw it pass back from me. She came down the aisle and snatched it before he had a chance to destroy it. Upon reading it she instructed, "You two can go change into your gym shorts and come back here." At this mixed school both boys and girls could be caned, but the boys were often caned in public by either a man or woman teacher, the girls only in private by a woman teacher.  I don't think girls got the cane much, but boys certainly did.  Because girls were caned on their knickers the idea was that boys should only be caned on their bottoms on one layer of clothing too.Although canes were kept in every classroom, not all teachers believed in using it, however others did, and Miss V was an enthusiast. We knew we were in for a hard "six of the best". We went to the gym which was only about 2 minutes away, took off our trousers and underpants and put on our grey cotton gym shorts.  We then walked back to the classroom apprehensively.
"This is a disgusting note that [these two] have written to each other, so disgusting that I am not going to read it two you, and it must be punished.", Miss V told the class.  Then she fetched the classroom cane from the cupboard and flexed it.  "Bend over the back over that chair and grasp the legs," she said, placing her desk chair in front of us and indicating my mate. He did so.  She placed the business end of the cane cane across his bottom and then without further ado applied the first stroke. It swished through the air and landed with a loud thwack. She repeated it 5 more times.  "Now you" she said indicating me. I took my place over the back of the chair, presenting my scarcely protected bottom for the attention of her instument of punishment.  Again I felt the cane being placed across my bottom, and then whop!  It seemed a harder stroke than the headmaster applied, and probably five more to come. I was right.  At about 2 second intervals came five more. My bottom felt like it was on fire. "Go and change back and resume your places". We made our way back to the gym as the smarting gradually diminished  At the gym we were able to rub our bottoms and compare welts.  I don't think any more notes were exchanged in Miss V's class for the rest of that year.
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Thanks for posting this story DaFoz - I enjoyed reading it. I was caned several times at secondary school, but never by a woman, and always over school trousers. It stung enough like that, so it must have been excruciating through PE shorts. The PE master's slipper was bad enough with such scant protection.

i had a few six of the best at senior school, mainly for talking in class, messing about missing detention,failing uniform check<br />
my worst caning in my junior years was when i disagreed with the teachers answer to a problem, i was told that the teacher was correct, i muttered something like no you are not which she heard. this resulted in my getting six for disagreing cross my knickers and six for back chat , with my knickers pulled up.<br />
in senior year a group of us lacking about in the gym changing room when a novice nun came in to see what the noise was, one or two of us had non regulation knickers on and teasing the nun, say would you like to wear this type of underwear, it want to far the nuns habit was lifted just as the senior mistress entered the cahanging room. the next thing we were in the study ,he was very very annoyed( to put it mildly)We ended up geeting a caning infront of the whole school within the hour<br />
I did not have time to change into my school knickers for some extra protection, so i got a very hard six of the best for incident in the changing room plus six for not wearing regulation knickers.<br />
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the full details will be in a story that will be posted shortly