6 Of The Best

I only once got 6 of the best. I was 16 and got caught with 2 friends enjoying a crafty Woodbine whilst out on a Xcountry run. The prefect who caught us told us to report immediately to the Head of PE's office. We were not allowed to change first and were only dressed in singlets and thin cotton PE shorts (strict no pants rule). After what seemed an eternity he arrived and called us in. We were told that this was a very serious offence that usually merited suspension. However, as none of us had previously been in trouble he would, this once, offer us a choice, the cane or suspension. Some choice! We chose the cane. I was called forward first and told to bend over his desk. I received 6 real stingers that soon made me cry despite my efforts not to. Then both my mates received theirs, they too being reduced to tears. When he had finished he told us to compose ourselves before leaving his office to shower and change. Needless to say, we never attempted to smoke at school again.
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3 crying 16 y.o's that didn't feel so grown up after the cane....

I got the same for swearing

MOST of the canings I got at school were bare!

Underpants worn under pe shorts accounted for many slipperings for me

Yes that was the way it was. So many rules that got you a caning.

Yes, those were the days!

I got six of the cane across pe shorts once. I was dared by a friend to wear underpants under my thin nylon PE shorts. As you can imagine the eagle eyed Games master soon spotted them and told me to report to his office at the end of the games lesson. His office was just off the gym and you had to go up a short flight of stairs to get to it. I was both anxious and excited in equal parts. I knocked on the dor and he called 'enter' He gave me a good telling off about being a disobedient boy and that I was to recieve a sterner punishment. I was made to put my hands on my head and he pulled my shorts and pants down. I was made to them step back into my shorts and bend over his desk. Instead of the slipper which was usually used to whack a boys behind I heard the cane. I was terrified. I recieved six hard strokes across my shorts which had me crying out. I was then told that if I d wore pants again under pe kit it would be six bare. Suffice to say I never did. My mate who dared me couldnt wait tosee the tramlines across my behind when I get back to the chaning room.