Mass Caning

I attended a coed. school in England where being caught smoking was one of the few offences that almost guaranteed a caning. A lot of us smoked anyway despite that threat - the trick was to avoid getting caught. Every now and then one or two smokers would find themselves bending over a chair in the Head's. study having a cane applied to their backsides but, overall, our strategy was largely successful.

There were several places we could go for a smoke and most of them were occupied at break and lunch times by half a dozen or so smokers. If one group were caught, at least the rest of us would be OK - or so we thought. It never occurred to us that the teachers would launch a co-ordinated attack. We were wrong, one fateful day they decided to have a blitz on smokers and managed to round up about 30 or 40 of us - roughly the same number of boys and girls. At first we only knew our own group had been caught so were surprised to be taken to an empty classroom instead of straight to the Head's study for an appointment with the cane. It soon became apparent, as other groups arrived, that we weren't the only ones.

I don't think they anticipated catching as many of us as they did because the Headmaster arrived with his cane and punishment book - presumably ready to dish out a few canings. He seemed surprised at seeing so many of us and, after a quick confab with the teachers, announced that the teachers would take our names and he would deal with us later. When they were making the list of names, they also asked if we had anything to say for ourselves said they'd make a note of it for the Head. to consider. There wasn't much we could say, we'd all been caught "bang to rights". We all knew we were going to get the cane, we just didn't know when.

A couple of days later, we were told to report to the school hall after school. When we arrived, the hall was clear apart from four chairs, a few metres apart in a line, the Headmaster, Deputy Headmistress, the Games Master, the Games Mistress (all with canes in their hands), and two (or three) other teachers. The time had come.

We were told we were each going to receive six strokes of the cane which, in all honesty, was what we were expecting. The boys had to form one queue and we girls another. Each of those with the canes took up position by a chair. Two boys and two girls were called forward, the boys going to the Headmaster and Games Master; the girls to The Deputy Headmistress and Games Mistress. The boys and girls were told to bend over their respective chairs and, when they were in position, the canings began. There was a lot of yelling as they were being caned and all four had tears in their eyes when it was over. They were told to stand to one side and the next four were called forward for their caning. Those that had been caned were furiously rubbing their backsides.

My boyfriend, of the time, and I were about halfway along our respective queues (in the fourth or fifth group) and were called forward for our canings at the same time. It was rather exciting really. We bent over adjacent chairs and were able to give each other a wry smile as we were waiting for the first strokes to land. I'd been caned before so I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant but the Games Mistress really laid it on. The burning sensation was intense and I just hung on to the seat of the chair for dear life as she applied another five strokes every bit as hard as, if not harder than, the first.. After having our sixes we joined the others who had been caned - furiously rubbing our backsides too - and watched the next group get into position for theirs. Another minute or two of swishes, cracks and yells then they joined us as the next group went forward.

When it was all over, we were allowed to go. My boyfriend and I compared marks later which led to an interesting evening....

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smoking very bad

It was bad for my arse when I got caught smoking at school.

Fantastic story; wish I was there.

As a recipient or just as an observer?

definitely an observer!


What a fabulous story; sounds fab. Do you still approve of spanking and caning?


I would approve of reasonable CP if it was used fairly but there was far too much abuse to be sure it would be.

I taught in a local secondary school near to where I lived last year and despite it being a recommended school I still believe that the fear of the cane would do wonders to stop chatting in class; general misbehaviour and what not. I'm sure it was a positive thing. Tell me have you practiced it before?

When I was at school we got the slipper for things like chatting in class, running in corridors and other minor misbehaviour. The cane was reserved for more serious offences like smoking and fighting.

That was how it was at my school. Slipper or hand for minor offences and the cane was reserved for more serious ones.

But you're younger than me and discipline was banned in schools before me; so how is this at all possible, Lynda?

I attended a private school. CP was banned in state schools in 1987 but it was still allowed in private schools in England until 1999 (and a little later in Scotland and Northern Ireland). My school retained CP right up until it was finally banned in all English schools.

lynda, I never knew that. If I had I would have signed up to go work in a girl's private school! Hope you're well.

The cane could be a useful tool but how would you prevent the abuse that was so common before? In some schools, girls had an automatic exemption from the cane and, because of that, caused more disruption than they would have done if the cane wasn't used at all.

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When I was at school there always seemed to be a queue of smokers outside the head's study waiting to be caned. I was in the queue a few times myself. I don't think they ever managed to round up as many as your teachers did in one go.

We had a few mass slipperings in PE and whole classes were sometimes slippered.

Looking at the marks after a caning was always exciting for me.

In my minor all-boys English public school in the 50s and 60s caning -- on the bottom -- was the normal form of punishment; detentions or lines were simply not used. Prefects, masters and the headmaster all had the right to give canings. Six strokes were the maximum and minimum for all kinds of offences. I received a considerable number of canings, for offences ranging from poor school work to slacking at games or failing to take prescribed exercise each day. Prefects' canings took place in the prefects' study at the end of the day, usually with three or four prefects present. Masters' canings took place in private. The prefects' canings were the most severe, and some of them were given over pyjamas last thing before lights out. In retrospect, most canings didn't hurt that much, though there were two or three masters whose attention we would try to avoid. When i became a prefect I exercised my right to cane cheerfully and prolifically. It was clear to all concerned that there was a sexual dimension to all this activity, and I know I would try to punish the prettier boys, and their bottoms provided much fuel for my masturbatory fantasies. It was all entirely reprehensible and it stopped in the 70s. I repressed my interest in caning and spanking for much of my adult life, but to my delight I have been able in later life to express it and I have been able both to give and receive the cane as part of my heterosexual sex life with great satisfaction.

We were allowed to smoke when I was at school. Technically it was against the rules but the cane had been abolished so there was **** all the teachers could do about it. It they tried giving us lines or detentions we just told them to **** off.

I didn't get many spankings as a child and none at school of course. I'm making up for it now. ;)

You definitely were in need of a good caning if that was your attitude to your teachers.

You're probably right but some people think girls should never be caned no matter what they do. That was the policy in some schools even before the cane was banned. My attitude towards my teachers was no worse and probably better than the general attitude of girls towards their teachers in schools like that.

pain long time

Even the threat of an imminent caning appears to cause anguish among some.

That's true. Those in the queue outside the Head's. office always looked worried and some were already on the verge of tears. Some girls would turn on the waterworks to try to get let off but it never worked so most of us didn't bother. It was quicker and easier to just go in, get caned, and out again.

Both males and females should be caned if necessary.

I agree. It makes no sense to exempt girls like some schools did. It just causes more problems. Girls misbehave more because they know they won't be punished and boys resent being mistreated.

That makes perfect sense, if you knew you wouldn't be punished at school most would fully exploit that situation. Although I attended an all boys school, I mixed with girls and believe me they did misbehave exactly the same as boys. They are just as capable of handling CP as any boy. My wife was slippered at school as hard or even harder than the boys were, she never shed a tear, but in some cases a boy did. Boys received CP over two pairs of clothing, whereas a girl more often than not had just one pair for protection, if indeed that could be called protection?

We misbehave just as much as boys but we're allowed to get away with more so get punished less. Some girls cried when they got the slipper or cane but so did some boys. Some girls cried whenever they were in trouble in an attempt to be let off. My teachers didn't fall for that ploy but I've heard of teachers who did.

Trousers don't really give any protection from the sting of the cane but even one layer of cloth can reduce marking.

I found out from experience trousers didn't give me any protection from the cane. I only had one hard school caning, and 3 that were more on the joke side.

I've seen boys cry from both the cane and the slipper, but on a lesser scale from the slipper. At the time I didn't feel very complementary towards these boys, but everyone has a different pain threshold, also an emotional strength, so being so judgmental was wrong. I can well believe some girls tried the water-works, but the ultimate decision lies with the teacher. Would that teacher let a boy off, or just a girl?

I've been caned through trousers too so I know what you mean about then giving no protection.

More girls cried when they got the cane or slipper but in most cases it was just put on to gain sympathy. Boys only cried when they were genuinely distressed or in pain. As you say, everyone has a different tolerance to pain so it's unfair to look down on those who couldn't take it as well.

Not many teachers would let boys off no matter how distressed they were, it's more likely they'd whack the boy harder for "being such a big baby".

I wondered if you had ever been caned over trousers, but I didn't like asking. I suppose there would be little difference between being caned over a skirt or trousers?

I did see a boy let off once after just one stroke of the slipper. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, it was clear he was in distress, this was certainly not normal, finding rocking horse dung would be much easier.

A skirt can give more protection than trousers because it hangs loose but trousers are tightly stretched when you bend over. That's why we had to lift our skirts to be caned or slippered.

We usually got at least 2 with the slipper but there were a few ones. They were for minor things and more to emphasise the point than a punishment.

My wife didn't have to lift her own skirt to be slippered, her Headmistress did it for her. She wore her skirts that short there wouldn't be much to adjust, but her HM felt compelled to do it anyway!!

That was so true regarding trousers, that's probably the reason most teachers insisted we touched our toes.

It was the same with my skirts, they lifted themselves nearly enough as I bent over. ;) Most of the girls wore very short skirts in those days. The only adjustment necessary was to get the hem out of the way.

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That sounded "fun". Our canings were always done one to one in private and only once was I with someone else for the cane but we went into the heads office individually.
One of the heads caned over a chair which had its benefit in that you had something to hold onto but it hurt a little more as you forced yourself into the chair as the cane struck with the chair going nowhere. The other head, told you to bend over and you often lost your balance as the cane struck but you could always move forward to reduce the power.

Canings were usually done in private in the Head's. office, with each of us going in one by one for it. The main exception was when a small (2 or 3) group were caught together, then they were called in and caned together too. The mass caning was unique, I hadn't heard of it happening before and I never heard of it happening again.

There were a few group canings dished out in the gym by the PE teachers.

Good story!!! were you asked to remove your skirt prior to being caned?

Not that time, we got it through our skirts. Usually we had to lift our skirts to be slippered or caned on our knickers.

Yes, being caned with 1 or 2 friends is a nightmare, but in a bigger group, it is far more "take-able"!

I found even being caned or slippered with 1 or 2 friends was better than being the only one.

Oh yes it helps, but in a bigger group one tends to see it as a joke and then it's more bearable for me.

I would imagine suffering together as a group took some of the "sting" or at least shame out of it. Smart teachers to plan a raid.

It did. It was never as bad being caned or slippered as one of a group as it was when I was alone.

Yeah when I was in school it was more of a badge of honor among us. ~of course we never let the teachers know that

I hate smoking, but I might have been tempted to start if dealt with like that!

You were lucky .When I was at boarding school ,the cane was always on the bare backside and any teacher was allowed to administer it for the slightest infraction so there was always alot of bruised backsides every week of the year.

At school we usually had to lift our skirts to be slippered or caned so we only had our knickers for protection. At home, my mother always slippered me on the bare backside but my father usually let me keep my knickers on - not that it made any difference.

I can believe that interesting evening while comparing marks!!

Ruth - I really enjoy reading your stories - they bring back so many memories of my schooldays.

I cannot recall a mass caning though. Canings usually took place after morning assembly and the "victims" gathered outside the headmaster's office. If more than one person was involved in the same misdeed the group went in together for the lecture and then all except one would come out and line up outside looking worried. You could hear a muffled whacking sound through the door and then the victim would come rubbing his bottom and often doing a dance. The next person would then go in.

Girls did not seem to be caned so often. They were dealt with by a senior mistress and as far as I recall for the first time they were caned they received it on their palms usually one or two strokes. Repeat offenders had to bend over and receive it across their bottoms as they were given more strokes.

I never witness anyone being caned of course as it was always carried out in private although I saw plently of slipperings.

It cannot have been pleasant for you watching the others being caned knowing that it would soon be your turn to bend over the chair

We were usually caned one at a time in the Head's office too but canings weren't scheduled, they were usually administered shortly after we'd been caught. One exception was if there were only two or three engaged in some joint misbehaviour when both or all three would be caned in the office together. Another exception was is the PE teachers were doing the canings in the gym. In those cases, all those to be caned (boys and girls) would be in the gym together. We girls weren't treated leniently for being girls either, we got it just the same as the boys - slightly worse in fact because we had to lift our skirts to have it across our knickers. Overall, we were no better behaved than the boys so were caned just as often as they were. As far as I'm aware, hands were never caned at my school. I saw and received plenty of slipperings in class too. Waiting in line to be caned was never a pleasant experience but seeing others getting if didn't make it any worse, if anything it wasn't as bad as waiting outside the Head's office whilst a fellow miscreant was being caned.

CANING FEMALES IS A .B.I.G N.O! N.O! They are the softer gender! For a MALE THE CANE IS A B.I.G YES!

That's a very sexist comment. Why can't you respect women as PEOPLE? Incidentally, "female" is not a gender, it's a sex!

Dear girls, I agree with you on being treated the same. You are actually better than men dealing with pain. Please do not be so hard on Fdekoker, b/c English is not his first language. Lol.

Hi Ruth,<br />
Great story and very well written. <br />
I went to a mixed grammar school and although had the cane and the slipper many times none of them was 'mass', but I woudln't have minded at all.<br />
The closest thing in my school was the Friday whacking list where boys and girls names were called in morning assembly.There would be a line of boys on one side of the corridor and girls on the other at 4pm waiting to attend the senior master/mistress for the cane.

We usually got the cane or slipper very soon after being caught. The mass caning was exceptional but we did have regular mass slipperings in the gym on Fridays at morning break. I wrote about them in "Latecomers' Friday Gym Slippering" in the "I Got The Slipper At School" thread.

There were also mass slipperings, after the monthly compulsory cross-country runs, of those who were caught taking short-cuts and generally skiving off (usually a lot of us). We were all (both sexes) in the gym together and there were usually 3 or 4 teachers doing the slipperings. When our turn came, we just went to whichever teacher was free. Those caught smoking on the run (usually just a few) were caned instead.

I was a fairly regular attendee of both these events.

I was on the Friday list on one occassion and my then girlfriend waited for me by the gate. She wanted full details on the way home and then when we got to her place an inspection of the damage.

What was your parents reaction to your being caned or were you able to keep it quiet. Did you have any siblings dobbing you in?

Sneaky of the teachers. Made for a memorable occasion though. Cigarettes got me the cane on a couple of occasions though I never smoked.<br />
What were you caned for on the other occasions?<br />
Did getting caned ever earn you a spanking at home?

My first caning was 3 strokes for fighting with another girl. She got 3 as well. My second caning (4 strokes) was for smoking.

I didn't get punished again at home after I'd been caned. For a start, I didn't tell my parents and, even if they knew, I doubt they'd have punished me again for the same offence.

I was always punished at home after a caning if my parents found out. I didn't tell my parents either the school did.
Was it strange watching everyone else being caned? Did you find it embarrassing not to be caned in private?

My school didn't tell parents as far as I know. Mine never said anything about it and I don't recall any of my friends saying their parents had been told.

I'd seen loads of slipperings and a few canings before so I didn't find it strange. I wasn't exactly embarrassed by being caned with other watching, in fact, I found it quite arousing, especially as my boyfriend was next to me being caned at the same time. What I did find a bit strange was that I wasn't told to lift my skirt for it. That was unusual, normally we got the cane or slipper on our knickers.

I'd been slippered countless times before throughout my years at the school, usually with my skirt up and often in front of younger pupils. I'd had quite a few "gate" slipperings for being late, Friday Gym slipperings, slipperings on the sports field, and in the playground. A public footpath ran alongside the playground between my school and a primary school so people using that path, including parents picking their children up from the primary school, might have seen me being slippered in the playground.

My school informed parents of truanting and smoking. We went on a trip once to some woods we were split into 3 groups. I got the slipper loads of times and the cane about 6 times. Hardly a day went by when you didn't see someone slippered. It was a boys school till the fifth year and i never saw any girls get the slipper. I don't think they had to lift their skirt though. When i went to 6th form, i saw a few girls slippered and i heard that girls were slippered on their knickers by prefects but not by teachers.
Was this the only mass slippering you know of at your school?

That depends what you mean by "mass". It was the largest mass caning I'm aware of but there other group canings involving smaller numbers. I was involved in several mass slipperings of 50 or more - which often occurred after cross country runs. I've post a story of one such mass slippering ("Post Cross Country Punishments") in the "I Saw Caning" group - The "Latecomers Friday Gym Slipperings" would often involve more than a dozen.

I think biggest mass caning that i heard about at school was 6 boys. The most i was involved with was 4. At sixth form i think it was 14 and i was involved in that. I meant did you hear of another co-ordinated operation to catch all the smokers in one go.

My idea of a "mass caning" would involve at least dozen and probably quite a few more. I'd just call 6 a group. There were other mass canings but not, as far as I know, involving as many as that one - 15 or 20 more like. In the mass slippering I wrote about, 7 others were caned. At other times, there might be more than 7 but I never thought of them as "mass canings".

I never heard of another co-ordinated operation to catch smokers while I was there.

I didn't tell my parents either when I was whacked at school. Not that they would have punished me, because like me they thought I had been punished once.
After one slippering I received at school a school friend told my mother, I could feel my face blush from embarrassment.

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Well that was a mass caning. We had a similar number caned after a fight broke out between two rival schools. The ones that got caned were the ones the teachers could remember seeing there and many more got away with it. There were also some that said that they weren't there but still got caned. lol. It is strange really, caning was a way of life in those days. I never sort out a caning but got loads. I accepted that if I got caught and had done wrong I would be caned, sometimes harshly, but I didn't resent it. It didn't stop me being naughty so I just carried on, doing wrong and getting caned. lol When I say 'doing wrong' I wasn't doing bad things but was a bit of a prankster at school so suffered the consequences. I was never punished at home so there was some good in me. lol

I went to an all girls school in the 60's and there had been a rumpas on a school trip.<br />
The headmistress decided all the girls on that trip ( 34 of them ) were going to get 6 strokes of the cane.<br />
Our parents were called in the next evening.<br />
We got to the hall and our mothers were sitting in 2 rows and there were 2 desks at the front and a cane on each of them.<br />
We were instructed to take our skirts off and to form a line in alphabetical order.<br />
We were called up 2 at a time.<br />
The headmistress caned 1 girl and the games mistress the other.<br />
I was wanting the headmistress but I had the misfortune of having the games mistress who had a reputation for doing extremely severe canings.<br />
I was about half way down the line and bent over the desk.<br />
I was in floods of tears after 5 strokes my final stroke was a cross stroke which really made me scream.<br />
Mum said after she could almost feel those strokes.<br />
That was my one and only school caning.<br />
I did however have 5 home canings and mother had be over her knee on many occasions with my knickers down for a spanking.<br />
<br />

I always feel the girls got a raw deal when being caned as it was usually over their knickers, whereas us boys usually hade two layers of clothing, exept when caned by the headmaster as he was a 'trousers down' punisher. He also pulled your pants right up so most of the cane hit bare flesh. ouch! Mass canings at my school were often done at the end of morning assembly in front of the whole school. You might cry out with the pain but crying was a no-no unless you wanted to be mocked by the others afterwards. I was caned dozens of times but it never changed me, I was always a naughty school boy and canings were a way of life.

We were allowed to wear our knickers for the school caning but all my home spankings / canings were done on the bare.
If I messed around my mother would take another item of clothing off.
Normally she would take my knickers down to my knees and then down to my ankles, then they would be totally off.
She had me down to my bra once and said if I did not take my punishment properly she would take that off and bring Dad in to hold me.
I did take the rest of my punishment.


Do you feel the punishments you suffered made a difference to the way you behaved? I was never punished at home but boy did I get it at school. Funny enough I still did wrong and just got more and more canings. Was it a deterent ?
Would love to add you as a 'friend', if you have no objection, in order to continue this discussion. Steve

My mum strarted from the completely naked on a number of occasions along with my younger brother if we were both to be spanked. Normally it was across the knee, skirt back and knickers down to be whacked with dad's hairbrush.


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Was that the first time you had got the cane at school?<br />
<br />
How old were you and your boyfriend at the tine?<br />
<br />
What age range were the 30 odd pupils that were caught?<br />
<br />
Did you find other places to smoke afterwards?

It wasn't my first caning at school. My boyfriend and I were both 15. The age range would have been 14 - 17 (there were a few sixth formers there). We took a lot more care not to get caught again.

I blame the Government Ruth for failing to put an health warning on a packet of cigarettes, "unheathy if caught with these in your possession by a teacher". lol. Seriously though smoking at school always resulted in a caning at my school.

My school was a little easier going than yours. Smoking didn't always result in a caning, we only got caned if we got caught. ;) We were allowed to do anything we wanted to, just so long as we didn't get caught - that was really the only offence.

Obviously if you got caught, which most did at my school eventually. You didn't by any chance ask a teacher for a light? There is an etiquette involved in that practice, by saying please, lol.

I never asked a teacher for a light but it wouldn't surprise me if it happened. I think most, if not all, smokers at my school got caught eventually - some more than once! There seemed to almost always be a queue of smokers outside the Head's office waiting their turn to be caned.

When it rained we weren't allowed over the playing fields, where it was the happy hunting ground for most smokers. One wet afternoon- break seven smokers decided to have a crafty *** behind the hedge, where the playing fields start, little realizing seven small pillars of smoke were rising. The next object to rise was the Heads cane.

You don't think of it at the time but the plumes of smoke were probably what got most smokers caught.

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Would like to add and chat... but cannot..<br />
Great rendition