A Beatin' From Mom...

I guess I wasn't too bright when I was growing up. Either that or I just didn't think things through.

I was in my parent's bedroom, where I didn't belong, one day and saw a pile of change on my father's bureau and decided he would never miss a quarter.

Boy was I wrong....

He missed it alright and started asking if anyone had taken money from his bureau. I, of course, acted like I had no idea what he was talking about and lied.

Well, my mother could read my fear and knew that I was lying.. She also feared that my father might actually kill or at least injure me.

She told me to go to my room and take off my pants. Oh No!!! I was 11 years old and had to bare myself for my mother. I did as I was told and she came in a minute later carrying one oh those very thin women's belts from the 50's. I saw that and thought I was getting off easy.

I bent over the bed and waited.... then it started....

She swung the belt hard and fast covering every inch of my bare cheeks with instant fire that just grew hotter and hotter. I was screaming in seconds and blubbering immediately after.

She whipped and whipped with the thin belt for minutes without stop. I was kicking, screaming and thought that she had actually begun to peal layers of skin off of my bare bottom. I soon forgot all about being an 11 year old bare in front of mom.

That might have been the worst belting I ever got.... It sure was memorable!
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I got the belt a couple times growing up but the worst was when I was actually 29! I'd left my husband and returned home to Mom's house. It's a long story and you can read it on my page but the bottom line is I got my butt beat good. First a spanking over her knee then over her bed with her belt. She knew what she was doing because It helped me to go back to my husband and work it out. (Which I should have done rather than try to run back home.) I guess Mom knew what she was doing.

The belt was the punishing implement also on my rear. I took it until I reached my 17 years from my grandfather and from Mum - for answering back, being stubborn, bad grades at school, coming late in the night at home, taking things out of home without permission, playing card games on money s.o. Usually, it was in the evening, when I was in bed wearing only the thin trousers of my pajamas. But my best memories are about the beatings I got from my mother, because they were on the bare bottom. I was not at all a brave boy, so I tried to get off, begging her pardon, crying and imploring to be forgiven. I refused sometimes to cooperate and to put down my trouser as I was ordered. "Well," my mother used to say, "if you don't want to take off your briefs, then go away, go where you know, and never come back at home." Where could I went? No where. Crying and with my wholly body shaking with fear, finally I remained stark naked and laid reigned face down on the lad. What followed, it's simple to imagine.

There was only one punishment in our house until I was 17 and it was a belt
lickin on my bare backside
The belt was one of my one of my dad's
He never punished me
The lickin was always from by mom

My dad had a drawer with a tray full of change in it. For years I'd rake my take. He never counted it and eventually I got greedy took too much and he got pissed. He seemed to know instintively it was me and not my older bro who stole it and he gave me a real harsh belt licking for it, despite my lying protests of innocense.

Like others who commented my parents used thin belts which stung like whips . . . .

i got many beatings like that some times she used the cane

Hmmm that was back in the day when a quarter was some money.... (Hey, how old did you say you were? lol) In my case, it took $5 our of my mother's purse. I don't know why I lied to her, nothing ever felt stupider when she called my bluff on it by looking through her purse. Boy, did I ever feel stupid,but I felt a lot stupider with a purplish bottom with bright red welts. I don't think I could sit without feeling it for about a week.. Talk about bottoms on fire!!! LMAO

my mom gave me the belt and the paddle all the time growing up and it was always bare bottom,either bent over the bed,chair,table or bend over and grab your ankle's.

When I think back on the spankings that I received as a child, most would have been prevented if I had had the vision to look at head and weight the consequences against the act.

Cute memory. Many of us learned the hard way about stealing, myself included. My dad used the belt in our family and my mom used the hairbrush - always on the bare hiney.

Your mom was so kind to do that for you so your dad didn't do anything bad to you. Sounds like she really loved you a lot.