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Madelyn was my best friend. She and I misbehaved all the time. My mom would usually not spank me with a belt but sometimes she did. One time Madelyn and I misbehaved so badly that my mom spanked her( with permission)! My mom took my pingpong paddle and started slapping Madelyn's bootie. Madelyn moved and wiggled so She got more spanks with my mom's hand. When Madelyn left, My mom pulled me over her lap. She had gotten my father's belt. She pulled my short shorts down and started spanking me with Daddy's belt. " You will never, ever, dye your blond hair pink, again!" She yelled. "Or cut Madelyn's jeans." She then put me in the bath tub took me out and spanked me with her hair brush. When she told me to got to bed she slapped my purple butt with her hands. I did the spanky dance and skipped each time her hand touched my rear end.
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most of my spankings was done wet it stings a lot more and she new it

The SAME happened to me when at 15 I got a perm. Having strict latin parents and a wild spirit does not mix well. My mom usually prefered her hand or slipper to spank me but when she found out about the perm she went batty. She marched me straight to her rooom and took off my dress. First came the HARD hand spanking but then she reached for daddies belt. I must have gotten about 20 HARD smacks but since I was a big baby about spankings I was already crying before going over her lap, lol.

I musta been lucky, I never liked perms

OMG a wet bottom spanking, now that must have hurt!

Are being good girl now after being paddled? And if I was your dad I would gave you a belt spanking on your butt for making your hair pink

Wow that sounds like a serious spanking, did you learn your lesson? How old were you at the time?