My Professor

I turned in my paper early and got it back today when all the other students where just turning theirs in. I wanted to get it over with and was pretty proud that although we were asked for 1700 words, I ended up with 2300. Not too bad... Did I mention it was a psychology class?

So anyways, the teacher has her doctrine and is a forensic psychologist with the Army and is very interesting. She is well traveled, went to Swiss boarding schools and more. She's been a Dr for almost 40 years and a professor as well. It's all this that makes her comment on my paper that much cooler because I figured she's earned her opinion.

Okay so maybe I'm being silly but she wrote "This is one of the best papers I have read... you should write" and she signed it. So maybe I don't suck so badly after all and maybe I have a chance at a future, and maybe it means nothing and I"m just a dork but it made me smile so I'll take it!

Just wanted to share :)

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

I think thats awesome and you should very much take that compliment. I am sure she is genuine and doesnt just write things like that for the sake of it, I mean she is a teacher and they have a job to do. To me it sounds like she is just doing her job and that you are doing fabulously (is that a word haha) *hug*