This is going to be long, but this is the story of my DUI thus far. I got my first DUI May 2014 when I was celebrating the end of my first year of nursing school with girls from my clinical group. I'm typically not a heavy drinker, but I did have a lot to drink this evening just like all of the other people I was with. At 12 I decided to cut myself off and at 1 I sat in my car with my friend and drank water for about a half hour. After I began driving I made a mistake I would make 100% sober. I turned from a 2-way onto a 1-way on a red light. I go to school downtown where this was at and have seen people do this all the time and thought nothing of it. Turns out that it's illegal and I was pulled over. Since it was the end of finals week, downtown was full of cops. Immediately the officer asked me "Have you been drinking?"
I decided to be honest and told him that I had been and the field tests began. I don't condone drinking and driving, but I know I was okay to drive. I blew a .11 in the field. My life came crashing down on me the second the officer told me that I was under arrest. At detox I blew a .1 and that was entered on my ticket. I hated myself and I hated him for pulling me over. I fell into a huge depression and lost a lot of weight. I felt life-less and ashamed.
I got a lawyer and he recommended all of the necessary things that I needed to do before court for me to have my best shot. This included getting my ignition interlock and taking drug counseling classes.
Come my first court date I feel he wasn't prepared and neither was I. The officer didn't show up, he was on vacation and so the court date was moved. I was extremely relieved, but also just wanted to get it all over with. A couple days before the next court date I got an order for the date to be moved AGAIN because the officer was on vacation AGAIN.
If the officer was to no show up to court 2 times then I was off the hook, however, by the third court date he showed his smug face. Over THREE MONTHS after my arrest I was finally convicted with the DUI and I decided to take 6 months probation over 7 day house arrest or jail time. I chose this because my lawyer said it looks better for employers. All I can say is that it f****** better. My lawyer also told me that because of the court order for only 60 days with the ignition interlock that I can get it taken out. He was WRONG. The DMV works separately than the court and require 6 months.
I have the shittiest ignition interlock company since I was in such a hurry to find a place close to me. If you live in Lincoln, NE. DO NOT go to GP Customs!!!
I just started my probation and I am labeled a "low-risk." this means that I am not scheduled for drug testing on a regular basis, I don't need to have any home visits, and I only need to call in once a month. I cannot drink at all on probation of course and cannot break any laws.

All in all I think that I am being horribly over-punished for a BAC of .1. I know people who have blown way over aggravated (.15) and they got the same sentence as me. I previously have a perfect record and now this f****** DUI has shat all over it. I graduate nursing school in May 2015 and this can affect me taking boards and getting hired.

F*** the system! All have felt like is a criminal so far. My lawyer, the officer, my alcohol counselor, my probation officer, have all said "You blew a very small amount." If it's so small why am I going through all of this s***?!?!?! Why is all of this necessary?! I have completely learned my lesson! I'm down around $3000, I have that ridiculous and embarrassing ignition interlock, and my future feels bleak. I just don't even know what the point is anymore and I'm so full of anger and resentment.
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Aug 27, 2014