I Browsed Myspace For Friends!

Anyone familiar with myspace knows about browsing for friends.  I haven't been on the site for a while cause I gave up my internet provider.  But now I decided to get things started back again and I browsed the page and put in a few friend requests.  This one person in particular decided to send me a picture of his nude privates in his icon.  I wasn't sure what I was looking at at first so I did a double take and sure enough it was indecent.  I immediately blocked/removed him from my friends list and reported the incident to the sites owner.  What if I was some 9 year old or even a teenager?  I am aware that this type of thing happens and that visiting such sites invites such activities but it's still shocking because it was totally unexpected.  There are suppose to be people to monitor the participants and the rules stipulate NO NUDITY.  This one sure got past them and there's no telling how many times he has done this.  I will not let this incident deter me from continuing my patronage of myspace but this is an outlet for my disdain and also a warning to parents with children who utilize the sight.

Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2
Feb 26, 2009