Taylor Swift ,bath And Body Works, And Nails

So i live at home with my fam and i love jamming out to taylor swift or watching movies like notebook and
shows on lifetime Or doing my nails with clear polish or even just taking long baths with tons of bath and body works products my mom even comes to me for fashion advice on what to wear about 60% of the time and i love to do those
things at home or around close girlfriends and nobody thinks its weird or calls me a *** or gay but problem is
im 21 one of the more masculine guys i know and i play sports like football and lacrosse hang out with nothing but "gangsta homophob" types due to my hiding true things i like. And i want to find out if anyone knos a way i can be around my guy friends and still be feminime without losing them and being stuck with only girlfriends and my mom :( if you have any advice please feel free to comment
tony225 tony225
18-21, M
May 15, 2012