This Is The Time I Got Raped

This is about when i was hurt by two people i thought i loved when i was in second grade i had i think a cousin im not sure but i thought he was really nice but i spent the night at his house one time and i was trying to sleep so i just shut my eyes and layed down on the couch then he came in the livingroom and took off my pants and shirt and raped me then i moved alittle to make him stop but he didnt stop i hated it i was scared sad confused so the next day i had to stay and i was with him alone at his house with one of highschool friend and made me kiss him and other thing then he was babysitting me one night and he pullet my pants down and raped me again and that happened everytime i saw him for a couple months and he babysat me like 2 or 3 times a week maybee more so then i told my friend at school what had been going on and she said does your parents know and i said no and she said tell the teacher and i started crying and said no i cant so she said shed do it for me so i grabbed her arm crying my heart out begging her not to but she did and they told my parents and my parents talked to me about it and i took a urin test but it said negative but they belived me so they sent to cops to tell him not to do it again but we never talked to him or his family ever again but in july 2011 it happened again but a different person my step grandpa hes like 40 or 50 and i was on the couch with my d.s. then him and my dad came home drunk so my dad told him he could sleep at our house so he slep on the other couch i disited to lay on the floor my legs tord his head and my head tords the other way and i closed my eyes so i could try to fall asleep and he put his had up my pajama pants and he touched me in my privites so i nugged and he stopped then he washed his hands and tryed again so i moved away then not till acouple months later i told my dad when we were on vacation but he was there too he called me a B**** and stupid so when we got home to wisconsin we wnt to the columbia county poice department and i had to talk to a detective and they were recording it to show the judge as evidence so i have to wait and i might have to testify and i might not but thats what happedned to me the time i got raped and i was sad,mad and confused i hope people understand its not something to be ashamed about its something that juat happened.
aliceinwonderland666 aliceinwonderland666
13-15, F
May 18, 2012