The Other Side Of Me.

Hello to all members. I'm just a straight male with a feminine side. A side that I have suppressed for too long. I should have let this out a long time ago. Let me start from the begining. I strongly feel that as the only child and being around my mother most of the time and growing up around women like my aunts and cousins I was raised more as a girl than as a boy. When I was about 5 or 6 yrs. old, my mom allowed me to "play" with her intimate garments especially pantyhose. And I can barely remember my mother putting on her pantyhose in front of me. So I wanted to know what that was like. So that's where my "passion" for pantyhose started. And up to now, I love wearing pantyhose since I am getting a benefit from wearing them. I wear them also for the support for my legs. But that's not all. When I was about 13 -14 yrs. old, I didn't feel like a boy even though physycally that's what I was. Inside of me I felt femenine. I loved to see women in pantyhose and also I loved to wear them too. I have to comfess that I cross dress too. I've done it in the past, stopped for a while and now I'm back to it again. But I just love the feeling of wearing a short skirt or shorts with pantyhose and some ballet flats, sandals or high heels even though heels torture my feet. It's so exciting! I also like to wear make up and nail polish. So occasionally I dress up as a woman here in the privacy of my apt.. So my passions are wearing pantyhose, women's shoes and cross dressing. At the moment I don't have a relationship with any women. I would love to find a good women that would love me and accept me with my feminine side and my "passions". No I'm not a freak. I'm not perverted. I just simply have a feminine side and my passions. Nothing wrong with that! I'm just tired of suppressing my other side. It's time to let it out. So if you are out there, I shall be waiting for you.
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I wear pantyhose all the time too. They feel so good.

Pantyhose is my main accessory of clothing whether I'm in my regular male wardrobe or when I dress up from time to time. I can do without the dresses or skirts and even the flats but not the pantyhose. Besides reaping the benefits of wearing support hose I love the way they make my legs look and feel.

That is a great story. The women are definitely out there. My wife and I have been together for over 10 years now and I told her after we were together for a year. After a while she told me it was always a fantasy of hers to have a relationship with a transgendered girl. Though she never thought it would happen. Especially because I was the big bad biker to everyone else.

Thanks. Wow, that's awesome that you have a great wife that you have been with for a long time and that she shares the same passions as you. Yes, absolutely. There are great women out there for us men who have these kinds of "passions" and that are willing to share their lives with men like us. That's what I was telling HighheelWendy just a little while ago.

Yeah it is pretty cool. Though I don't see myself as a guy with a feminine side. I am a female spirit experiencing life in a male body and decorating it accordingly.

Loved your story . Sounds like me all over . I told my wife straight up front that I loved to crossdress .She took it from there and has bought all my clothes for 25 years . There is a woman out there for you I hope you find her

Thank you for reading my story and for understanding. You are very lucky to have a great woman that loves, supports and understands you. Being straight up front is the best thing to do in a relatiionship. I'm very sure that there's a great woman out there for me too. I just need to be patient. Thanks again.

Great story! I too have found my feminine side, I am obsessed with women's shoes....all types from ballet flats to heels to boots! I have recently started wearing leggings and skirts although I don't consider myself a cross dresser. I have a great girlfriend who supports and encourages! Good luck! Keep sharing stories!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked my story. It's things that I've gone through and still am going through. I guess I can say that I'm also obsessed with women's shoes and clothing. I also wear leggings from time to time. Skirts I love wearing. Women are so fortunate to be able to dress up in such nice and comfortable clothing and shoes. You are very fortunate to have a great girlfriend that supports you in this. So we have a feminine side. Nothing wrong with letting it out. We are not hurting anybody.