The Nirvana Of Male Genital Piercings

I haven’t read a lot here (or anywhere else for that matter!) about people’s experiences with different kinds of genital piercings, so I thought I would share mine.
I started out with a simple frenum piercing about 18 years ago. The piercing was easy to do, and healed quite quickly in less than 2 weeks with a standard “sleeper” gold earring. Although I liked the look of it, the piercing didn’t really “do” anything for me sexually, unless a woman was directly playing with it with her lips or tongue. Neither I nor any woman I was with could really feel it during vaginal intercourse. Hoping for more sensation for me and my 2 regular partners, I upsized from the “sleeper” gold earring to a 10 gauge captive bead ring, but again, both women said they couldn’t really feel much at all, and then all sensations disappeared after the first few strokes. Other women I was with on a casual basis either didn’t even notice I was wearing a ring, or noticed it only when they touched me. Certainly none of these casual relationship women could feel it through a condom.
About 5 years later, I got a Prince Albert piercing and abandoned the frenum. The P.A. piercing was surprisingly easy and almost painless, and the healing was very quick – again about 2 weeks as I recall before I felt ready to try it out in the bedroom. Although the P.A. was greater size and thickness than the frenum ring, and I was again disappointed in both my lack of sensation during sex. My two regular women agreed that the P.A. gave them some “nice” sensations but not as much as they had expected from the “look” of it. That was initially with a 8, and then a 6 gauge 5/8 inch diameter captive bead ring. So I upsized the gauge, then upsized again and again, finally working up to a huge zero gauge captive bead ring. This ring was a standard captive bead ring and because of its thickness was very difficult to install; requiring several minutes using some clamps "in reverse" to pull the metal ring apart to insert (or remove) the captive bead. But overall it was worth it. My two women were very happy with it; they reported that bead and the ring itself scraped against their vaginal walls in a most desirable manner… although I found there were some limitations for me. Anal was completely out of the question, and in other casual relationships I had, I found other women very cautious about offering to give me oral sex because of the ring’s size and hardness, and they worried about possible damage to their mouth or teeth. Because it was so hard to remove, sex was almost always vaginal intercourse, which I found limiting, especially with my two main partners. Some of the casual women I was with were scared of condom breakage, and insisted on “double-bagging”, which didn’t do a lot for me at all!
With encouragement from my two mainstays and one other woman I had started to see on the side, I upsized again to a 00 gauge ring and then finally a 000 gauge ring. These new rings were so massive that they were made with screw-in beads – although they looked and felt like captive bead rings, the bead was much easier to put in and take out (less than a minute of handling). Two of the women could handle (and preferred) the 000 gauge ring, but the other woman (unfortunately who was my "main" woman) was uncomfortable with it and preferring the 00 gauge ring.
So I settled a while with the 00 gauge ring. Although the women were well pleasured with the larger gauge, I still was unhappy with the sensations the ring(s) were giving me. I enjoyed the feel of the heavy ring, but it didn’t really sexually stimulate me. I got more thrill out of seeing the ring push inside of a woman that I got out of the actual back-and-forth action.
Some casual women even refused me – as I guess the massive ring was a little intimidating when first seeing it.
Also, I wasn’t doing so well with my P.A. hole. The huge rings had stretched and thinned my skin to the point where it was becoming uncomfortable. Carrying around the weight of the 00 gauge ring and then having more pulling and stretching during sex – I needed to make a change.
The change was an “upgrade” to an apadravya piercing, which I got in 2002. It was a decision I made on my own, without a lot of consultation with the women I was involved with at the time. With my two main women it wasn’t a big problem - as they could find amusement between themselves for the 2+ months of healing time. For my third woman, it was a bigger problem, and we didn’t see much of each other during the healing period.
I chose the apadravya because it was an “extension” to the P.A., and was less of a challenge than the other choice - an ampallang. i.e.: the apadravya extends the P.A. hole through the opposite side of the urethral shaft, exiting on the top side of the penis head. An apadravya "extension" is through the thick part of the penis head, and is quite a bit more of a challenge than a simple P.A. or frenum. It was very painful when pierced, and it took a little over 2 months before it had healed well enough for regular sex. Because it goes straight through the entire head of the penis, the usual choice of jewelry for an apadravya is a straight barbell. I loved the look of it, but all during the healing process, I was wondering if all the pain and aftercare hassles (2-3 salt soaks for 10 minutes each/day) were worth it.
The first time I tried it out with my two mainstays, the three of us were overjoyed. I was very happy I had endured the 2 month wait because finally I had a piercing that did something quite stimulating for me.
The sensation of the barbells pushing and sliding against the vaginal walls was conducted (magnified) via the barbell shaft through the entire head of my penis, doubling or tripling the delicious in-and-out sensations. Moreover, I found that I could easily tell “where I was” inside the vagina, and could manipulate my in-and-out movements much more accurately against the woman’s true pleasure points. I quickly learned that all vaginas were very very different from each other, and I rapidly learned stroking techniques with my women that escalated me from “good” lover to “magician” lover. After the second time I was with my two mainstays, they both jokingly insisted that we find a welder – so that the barbell could be made a permanent part of me! My third woman, who had decided to “seek other opportunities” in the 2 months I was inactive, now decided to devote herself full time to me; not caring to be with anyone else. This was a real ego boost for me, as she was a much younger woman and simply couldn’t get enough of me and my apadravya.
From that time to the present, I have upsized the barbell shaft from 12 gauge to 4 gauge (trying 2 gauge briefly). As with the P.A., the thicker the better – up to a point. I have a selection of barbells which can be screwed on. Different women like different barbell sizes, and I often use different barbell sizes at the same time (usually a small one on top for the “G” spot”, and a bigger barbell on the bottom to push firmly against the bottom vaginal wall. I have also experimented with barbell shaft length – and was surprised to discover through an on-line jewelry order error - that even a quarter inch change in the shaft length can make a world of difference to both male and female sensations.
Somewhat sadly, most of my apadravya experiences (and casual woman experiences) are now in the past, as I don’t have a lot of vaginal sex any more.
But all I can say is for those men who decide to embark down the genital piercing path, and especially the apadravya piercing path, you won’t (and your partners won’t) be disappointed.

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hello everyone I have 00 pa 2 8g dyd. 0g lorum x2 0g hafda on the left 00g horizontal perenium pretty unique my name is Lawrence first time here but I was wondering as I have 00 g prince Albert but am unsure how it it works doing the top piercing at say 8g needle with the huge 00 hole below do you just let the 8 g bar hang free through the bottom 00 hole in my case hope this makes sense any advice is appreciated

Hi Lawrence,
Your PA experience is similar to mine - at the time of my apadravya piercing, my PA hole was 000 gauge,
I was able to find a 12 gauge barbell shaft with some huge balls, which prevented slippage of the ball through the PA hole.
Within a few weeks, the PA hole had shrunk considerably. Over the next year or so, it became even less of a problem as I gradually upsized from 12 gauge to 4 gauge barbell shaft. Ball sizes were naturally bigger with the bigger shafts.
It also helped having a foreskin - as the top ball then tended to stay flush against the penis head and the lower ball wouldn't move into the urethral passage.
In the last few years I have also been routinely (maybe 50% of the time) using a captive bead ring in a "reverse PA" configuration - because not every woman (and orifice) appreciates a large barbell... In this "reverse PA" arrangement, the original PA hole isn't used at all. After being open for so many years, there is not chance of it "healing over", so I can use this configuration for months at a time.

I have also used barbells with very short shaft lengths, with different ball sizes. In this jewelry arrangement, the shaft is so short that the small ball fits through the PA hole and sits inside the urethra. The large ball sits on the head of the penis. If you size it right, it is surprisingly comfortable.... !!

thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like it would be amazing to **** you!

I went a different route I have three Dydoes (kings crown), PA w/ curved barbell & large beads, and three short, closely spaced, straight BB Frenums pierced under the lower PA bead.

This created a SUPER sensitive zone between my uretha and bottom of the frenums! The kings crown coupled with the others... PA is effective due to the large beaded BB instead of a ring...I have three sex partners,
"ALL" three like all the jewelry, and the mind blowing vaginal sex!

I'll add can go get every genital piercing...poke yourself full of holes & jewelry that is possible! "BUT" all the piercings in the world will only make sex better if you're already an accomplished lover! Aint no $19.95 tricks to better sex!

Had apadravya piercing now for 16 weeks .Love it ! it makes sex so good wow i had the best ****** ever with the look of it feels good looks good get it done.

I just got an Apadravya and it was the best decision i have ever made, I love to show it off and it feels so good

Hi melvin:<br />
With both an ampallang and an apadrava, do the two metal shafts of the barbells intersect, or are they placed a different spots along the urethral shaft?<br />
Can you comment more on how much more your wife likes both piercings - v.s. just wearing the apadravya or just wearing the ampallang?

I have an ampallang and apadrava piercing with a large 1" ball on top, my wife loves it.

I found the PA hole very easy to stretch (or shrink) compared to the the other hole (the "other side" of the apadravya). The thicker tissue is fairly unyielding. Tapers and patience are required for upsizing, and were a bit painful, at least for me. But again, it was worth it because the thicker gauges are more comfortable and more stimulating during sex. To go from 6 gauge to 4 gauge, I couldn't get the tapers to work no matter how much I tried (too painful), so I actually created a makeshift 5 gauge shaft out of plastic - which I wore for 3-4 days until the hole was ready for the final stretch to 4 gauge.<br />
<br />
When I upsized to 2 gauge, I found that the barbell shaft with its naturally bigger barbells seemed to be at the limit of comfort for my two main partners, although I personaly loved the weight and the feel of it.<br />
The main reason I downsized back to 4 gauge was so I could use a catheter without stretching everything too much.<br />
I would encourage you to proceed with the apadravya. You won't believe the improvement until you try it.