Pa Piercing

Pictures at an exhibition: Seven or eight years ago, I first saw a picture of a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. Although I had heard of them, I’d never bothered to look up what one actually was, nor did I care too. However, once I saw the first picture, I was captivated! I looked up PAs on the Web, collected pictures of them and began to dream about getting one. It was pretty serious stuff for a middle-aged straight man. However, I wasn’t certain that a PA would work for me, and in mentioning it to my wife in an offhand fashion, knew she wasn’t interested in having me get one. So for several years, I’d re-read the articles, check sites like Tribalectic for stores and dream about one for a while. But nothing happened until Labor Day this year.

Scrotum stretching: In the meantime, I turned to stretching. My scrotum has always been fairly tight and rode pretty high. I thought lower-hanging balls and a PA would look pretty good (when I actually got pierced), and began starching my scrotum. I haven’t spent huge amounts of time or effort on that project, but my this year, my balls were hanging about 3 inches lower than they were when I first began wearing a 1-inch leather ball stretcher. I now Wear a 4.5-inch stretcher or a 3-inch weighted stretcher, which feels great as my balls swing about my shorts. My scrotum loosened up considerably, and makes now actually slap my wife’s *** as we have sex (if she’s in the right position). However, my stretched balls didn’t have the appeal of a PA, and could end up returning to near their normal hang if I don’t continue to maintain the modification.

Doctor calls: Around Labor Day, my urologist gave me some bad news about a condition I’ve had for a couple of years, which really can’t be treated, but has left me with a shrinking penis. Sex is far less satisfying than it was for years, and no medicine can get it back to normal. So I thought, “what the hell,” I’ll get a PA because if nothing else it will make me feel better about myself. So one afternoon the following week, I went to the piercing shop and finally inquired about their techniques, recommendations and costs. Everyone was very pleasant and bolstered my confidence without even trying to. The next day, I went back and signed on for a genital piercing—the only piercing I’ve ever gotten.

I wasn’t the least bit hesitant to get pierced; and didn’t mind the least bit dropping my drawers for the [male] piercer. In fact, I was more comfortable with him than my urologist, or even my internist! I laid back on the chair, and watched as he marked the point of insertion, but didn’t watch as he actually pierced me. The piercing hurt like hell, as did the insertion of the 8-gauge captive bead ring (CBR). I looked at my new genital modification with admiration and awe that I’d finally done it, and expressed my pleasure to the piercer of a job well done. By the time, he’d covered the wound with gauze and covered everything up with a glove; there was no pain, but a slight pinching feeling.

The home front: I drove home with no problems, and began the prescribed healing regimen. There some very light bleeding the first couple of days, but then only lymph fluid, as was the case for the next two weeks. At this time, it’s healing very nicely, but I haven’t tried to ********** or to have sex. As for my wife, whom I hadn’t told; she just shook her head but has begun to wonder how it will feel. We’ll know in a little while, but I’m just concerned about healing as quickly as possible to forestall any issues down the road.
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Sep 22, 2012