A Surprise...


It's no special occasion, just laying in the recliner with my husband, listening to the rain...ping-ping-ping... coming off the roof.  It was so beautiful, you could see things turning green, getting ready for spring.

My husband looked at me and handed me a box... inside was a simple band, that went around my wrist... and was engraved with the following:

"What Cancer can not do...It cannot invade the soul, supress memories, kill friendship, destroy peace, conquer the spirit, shatter hope, cripple love, corrode faith, steal eternal life, silence courage."

Need I say more?

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
8 Responses Mar 16, 2009

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writing that here and nothing else has made sure I will never look at your gifts

Thank you PIP...You are special the way you can feel ones joy and at the same time, understand the pain. I am proud to be your friend..

Nope, nothing more need be said there..............that was EVERYTHING all wrapped up in one beautiful sentiment....so, so, so true!!!!!!!!!!!!...............Debijean, i know you know it, but you really have been blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />

Thank you for your wonderful comments...and yes, he is a keeper for over 20 years now, think I will keep him for 20 more...He is my strength, my hope, my best friend, and something wonderful to fight to live for.

thats so beautiful..it made me cry..and its true..and u have also another gift,his love..many hugs

Wow! That brought the tears flowing...........In a beautiful, poignant kind of way. I wish got all of those good things for you as you fight through this cancer. you are in my thoughts. <br />
It's been raining for 3 days straight here. But the growth and renewal I'm seeing is beautiful. May you have the same growth of healthy cells to replace the sick ones.

What a warmth it brings to my soul, that ya'll feel the love in all our hearts. It makes me "Happy Cry."

Gosh girl that is so beautiful. I just got a gift too. It is the reminder of what cancer cannot do from one of my sweetest EP friends. Thanks for sharing. You inspire me to be a much better person in your sharing.