On My Written Police Entrance Exam...

...in May, 1979, i scored a 97.9 out of a possible 100 (with no pre-authorized credits--i.e., military/veteran's service, minority, etc.). Other than a pre-required civil service application and F.B.I. background check, the exam was an equal opportunity exam given to anyone who completed those initial requirements with no other requirements necessary other than to not be late but to be there at the pre-announced time, and to not cheat on the exam in any way. There was no preparing or studying for the exam--just completing what i described. I had been a police department machine stenographer for two years and seven months before the exam, and a few friendly male officers told me to be mindful that "they're looking for liberal-sided answers" on the upcoming multiple-choice answers and part composition police exam (i.e., answers that--when given a multiple choice--would be on the liberal rather than conservatve-leaning side). They also told me the test would be composed mostly of common-sense questions. My 97.9 score was rank 32--meaning that of approximately two thousand people across the state who took the test, i scored the 32nd highest score. I've always felt proud of that only for one reason: because my ability to answer the questions correctly was based mostly on common sense, and i therefore felt my score and ranking said a lot about me as a person. And i'm awfully proud to have served the public as i did as an Officer for two months short of twenty-seven years, because the main things that guided me were common sense, departmental training, integrity and moral character, fairness and compassion toward the people and animals i encountered daily, my strongly held faith, humility and my always good sense of self-deprecating humor, always treating everyone i met and dealt with with consideration and respect and fairness, treating all animals i encountered with humaneness, and most of all--although i was always responsible to enforce the law, that i never let my uniform and weapon give me any sense of superiority over anyone else, for i always am aware that i am nothing more than any other human being on this Earth. And that the most powerful and important weapons that i carried were never firearms, but my pen in my pocket and my head on my shoulders. I am here to leave this world a better place than whence i came, and i never forget that every one of us is less than one second away from becoming an unwitting victim of the most unfortunate circumstances that may befall us--that there but for the grace of God go i.
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May 5, 2012